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Microplastics Found In Human Feces Highlight Plastic Problem: First-Of-Its-Kind Study

Just how far has the problem of microplastic pollution gone? All eight human feces samples from different parts of the world were found to be contaminated with up to eight different types of plastic.

Public Health October 23, 2018

Young Turtles More Prone To Death For Eating Plastic In Ocean

A new study revealed that young turtles have a higher risk of dying from eating the plastic polluting the oceans. This is because young turtles swim nearer the surface, where the plastic pollution floats.

Animals September 14, 2018

World's Most Endangered Sea Turtle Washes Up On Alabama Beach Entangled In Beach Chair

A Kemp's Ridley turtle was found dead in an Alabama beach. The sea turtle appears to have been strangled in the string of a beach chair that bears the logo of the University of Alabama.

Animals July 17, 2018

Seattle Says Buh-Bye To Plastic Straws And Utensils: Ban Starts July 1

Seattle introduced a new law that bans restaurants from using plastics straws and eating utensils, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so. The ban comes into effect on July 1.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Antarctica Already Polluted With Plastic And Hazardous Chemicals

An expedition to Antarctica, which was supposedly aimed at observing the amazing wildlife in the region, revealed the extent of human pollution. Sadly, the region was found to be contaminated with microplastics and hazardous chemicals.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2018

Fast-Food Giant McDonald's Rejects Proposal To Ban Plastic Straws

McDonald's shareholders decided not to ban the use of plastic straw. A consumer advocacy group claims the company distributes around 95 million single-use straws worldwide every day.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2018

Air Pollution Kills 7 Million People Yearly According To WHO

Data released by the World Health Organization revealed an alarming death toll of 7 million people yearly due to ambient and household air pollution. Meanwhile, WHO also noted that more local governments are monitoring air quality in their respective cities.

Public Health May 2, 2018

Henderson Island Remains World’s Most Plastic-Polluted World Heritage Site

A video from the European Space Agency Web TV once again highlighted the extreme case of plastic pollution on the uninhabited Henderson Island, a world heritage site situated about halfway between Chile and New Zealand.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2018

Plastic Pollution Makes Corals More Susceptible To Diseases

A new study revealed that plastic waste in the oceans harms the health of coral reefs. These aquatic habitats are already in danger because of climate change.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2018

Fluorescent Dye May Help Detect 99 Percent Of Invisible Ocean Plastic Waste

A recent research has found a new way to detect very small pieces of plastic waste that float invisibly near the surface of the ocean using fluorescent dye. The method could be used one day to identify 99 percent of lost tiny pollutants in the sea.

Earth/Environment November 27, 2017

Plastic Pollution Reaches Remote Areas Of Arctic Ocean Because Of Melting Sea Ice

The melting sea ice likely brought about by climate change now allows plastic pollution to reach remote areas of the Arctic Ocean. Here's what could possibly happen as a result.

Earth/Environment September 27, 2017

Billions Of Plastic Pieces Floating In Arctic Ocean: What Happens To Garbage Humans Junk Into The Sea?

Plastic pollution has slowly crept into the once-pristine Arctic Ocean. Why is this happening, how much plastic pollution really ends up in our oceans, and will it stay there forever?

Earth/Environment April 21, 2017

Arctic Ocean Is A Dead End For Floating Plastics: How It Happened

Plastic pollution carried by a major ocean current has found its way into the Arctic ocean, threatening the region’s pristine ecosystem, a new study revealed. Researchers say the consequences can be “disastrous.”

Earth/Environment April 19, 2017

An Estimated 10,000 Metric Tons Of Plastic Enter The Great Lakes Every Year: Study

Researchers of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have estimated that 10,000 metric tons of plastic are entering Great Lakes every year. It highlights the danger of plastic being consumed by wildlife and entering the larger food chain as debris travels differently in the Great Lakes unlike in oceans.

Earth/Environment December 23, 2016

Chemists Find Way To Tackle Plastic Pollution: Turn Plastic Waste Into Liquid Fuel

Using an organometallic catalyst, scientists sped up the breakdown of polyethylene into liquid product that can be used as fuel. Once the process is scaled up, it can potentially make a dent in global plastic pollution.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2016

Thousands Of Pink Plastic Bottles Wash Up On Cornwall Beaches And More Could Be On The Way

More than 2,000 bottles arrived at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard Peninsula last Sunday, prompting cleanup and disposal operations. Environmental groups warned of the potential environmental risks to marine animals and worsening plastic pollution in the oceans.

Earth/Environment January 8, 2016

Researchers Find Particles Of Plastic In Salt

A new study conducted by researchers at the State University of New York Fredonia has found that brands of sea salt sold in China contain high amounts of microplastics. This raises concerns about the potential effects of the synthetic material on human health.

November 6, 2015

Scientists Urge Ban On Ocean-Polluting Plastic Beads Common In Personal Care Products

Tiny plastic microbeads that give personal care products their scrubbing, cleansing action are ending up in oceans and threatening wildlife, researchers say. They are urging a total ban on the use of the tiny plastic particles.

Earth/Environment September 18, 2015

Overwhelming Majority Of Seabirds Will Have Plastic In Their Guts By 2050

Researchers found that almost all population of seabirds will have plastic debris in their gut by 2050. If current trends continue and effective waste management measures will not take place, this prediction is more likely to happen.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2015

Study Shows New Soaring Levels Of Plastic In Our Oceans

Eight millions tons of plastic waste going into world's oceans each year, study estimates. Asian countries identified as the world offenders.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2015

269000 Tons: Amount of Plastic Waste that Pollute World's Oceans

The ocean is holding plastic waste equivalent to the weight of more than 500 fully loaded Boeing 747s. Toxins from these hazardous materials can also transfer to the marine animals that eat them.

Earth/Environment December 11, 2014

Exactly How Much Plastic Is in the World's Oceans?

Plastic pollution has been seen all around the world, and now scientists have estimated how much there is out there. What did they find?

Earth/Environment December 10, 2014

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