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Mysterious Polio-Like Paralyzing Illness Afflicting Children May Become Common

Children in the United States were affected with a polio-like disease called acute flaccid myelitis that causes paralysis among other symptoms. CDC said no data were available to determine the rate of complete, partial, or non-recovery from the disease.

Public Health April 3, 2019

Polio Outbreak Hits Papua New Guinea For The First Time In 18 Years

Papua New Guinea recently confirmed its first polio outbreak in 18 years, with the case of a 6-year-old boy from Morobe province. Polio vaccine campaigns and better surveillance were initiated to contain the outbreak.

Public Health June 27, 2018

Genetically Modified Polio Vaccine Could Help Fight Brain Tumors

A genetically modified poliovirus could be the cure in fighting brain tumors. Researchers from Duke University found that the virus, which is one of the world's deadliest viruses, helped extend the lives of patients battling brain cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2018

Polio Hits Venezuela For The First Time In 30 Years Amid Healthcare Crisis

The first case of poliovirus nearly 30 years after its eradication surfaced in the Warao communities in Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta. A 2012 study also showed that 10 percent of the indigenous tribe contracted the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

Public Health June 11, 2018

Doctors May Have Found Cause of Mysterious Polio-Like Disease Striking Kids

Doctors now have evidence that the 2014 outbreak of polio-like acute flaccid myelitis, which causes paralysis in children is linked to Enterovirus D68. A new study on these rare conditions encouraged further surveillance for effective prevention strategies.

Public Health March 2, 2018

Pakistani City Launches New Anti-Polio Drive As Rare Strain Surfaces

The Southwestern city of Quetta in Pakistan launches a special anti-polio drive as the rare Type 2 polio virus surfaced in sewage samples. Officials have recruited religious leaders for the mission amid resistance of extremists to immunization campaigns.

Public Health January 3, 2017

AFM: Possible Causes And Symptoms Of Polio-Like Disease Causing Paralysis In US Children

Cases of acute flaccid myelitis which can cause paralysis in children is on the rise in the United States. What causes this rare disease and what symptoms should parents watch for?

Public Health October 6, 2016

Polio-Like Disease That Paralyzes Children On The Rise In The US: How To Protect Kids From Acute Flaccid Myelitis

Fifty cases of the polio-like illness acute flaccid myelitis have already been reported in the US this year. The CDC provided tips on how to prevent the spread of this paralyzing disease.

Public Health October 4, 2016

Polio Makes A Return In Nigeria, 2 Years After The Virus Was Thought To Be Eradicated

In an unfortunate turn of events, Nigeria, which had been poised to announce that it was polio-free next summer, has announced two new cases of the paralytic virus. The country had gone two years without reporting a case.

Public Health August 12, 2016

WHO Launches First Ever Synchronized Switch To New Polio Vaccine In 150 Countries

Within the next few years, polio may be completely eradicated. But it may begin with the first-ever synchronized switch of polio vaccine.

Life April 20, 2016

Nigeria Wins Fight Against Polio But Stepped-Up Efforts Needed to Eliminate Crippling Disease

Since July last year, Nigeria had not recorded a new case of polio, when only three years ago its polio incidence accounted for over half of the cases worldwide. The campaign now steered toward greater vaccination in remaining polio-endemic countries and to avoid reinfection in polio-free areas.

Life October 25, 2015

Vaccine-Derived Polio Kills 8-Year Old Boy In Laos

A boy from Laos reportedly died from a vaccine-derived poliovirus strain. While the threat of it spreading worldwide is minimal, WHO still makes it a priority to eliminate vaccine-derived polio as well as wild polio worldwide.

Life October 13, 2015

Nigeria Wins Battle Against Polio: Here's How It Fought The Disease

Health workers in Nigeria braved potential militant group attacks to vaccinate children in remote areas. The African country also adopted innovative approaches that contributed to it becoming removed from the list of polio-endemic countries.

Life September 26, 2015

Virulent Polio Virus Discovered In British Man's Guts By Shocked Researchers: Are We Losing The Fight?

Researchers have discovered that a man vaccinated against polio when he was a child has been carrying the virus in his gut for more than 30 years. The virus has since mutated into a more dangerous strain, and the discovery could have serious implications for health workers trying to eradicate the virus altogether.

Life September 1, 2015

Polio Virus Stayed In Man's Gut For 28 Years: How This Happened

Polio may have been widely eradicated around the world but one man continues to harbor the virus in his system despite receiving all the necessary vaccinations as a child.

Life August 29, 2015

Africa Celebrates Polio-Free Year But Much Remains To Be Done

A further two years of no new cases will be required to officially certify the continent polio-free, according to the UN. Eradication efforts began in 1988.

Life August 13, 2015

Africa Wins Over Polio: Health Experts Celebrate One Full Year Without New Polio Case

The World Health Organization has declared Somalia to be polio-free. Experts say this achievement is a powerful indication that the health sector of Africa is continuously improving.

Life August 12, 2015

Author Of Vaccine Bill Proposes Amendments To Tighten Vaccination Practices

Dr. Richard Pan, co-author of a vaccine bill in California, announces amendments to the bill. All the states in the U.S. require children to be vaccinated before they are admitted to school.

Life April 22, 2015

Polio Vaccine Turns 60 - How Is The World Doing Now At Ending The Disease?

The polio vaccine was released 60 years ago. Where is the world now at fighting this once-terrible disease?

Life April 13, 2015

Researchers Attempting To Cure Brain Cancer Using Polio

Nothing good comes with fighting fire with fire but researchers from Duke University are taking that route to beat brain cancer, turning to the polio virus for help.

Life March 31, 2015

Jonas Salk: Google celebrates the brilliance behind the polio vaccine

Google doodle celebrates 100th anniversary of the birth of Jonas Salk, polio vaccine pioneer. Salk's vaccine led the way to virtually eliminating the disease in the U.S.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 28, 2014

Enterovirus D68 may cause muscular paralysis in children with respiratory illness, doctors warn

Health experts suspect that the respiratory illness Enterovirus D68 is responsible for symptoms of paralysis in children. The D68 is related to the virus that causes the crippling Polio.

Life September 30, 2014

Combining two vaccines may put an end to polio

The best way to combat polio globally rests in combining the two available vaccines, WHO study says. Injectable Salk vaccine and oral Sabin vaccine together a stronger weapon than either alone, researchers say.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 24, 2014

2 is better than 1 for polio vaccines: Doubling vaccines may end disease

Researchers have found that an oral dose of the polio vaccine combined with the injected vaccine is the most effective method in fighting polio. Researchers say this study is a historic step in how we think about vaccines.

Life August 22, 2014

Combining vaccines may help cripple polio, study suggests

One of the two polio vaccines is usually administered worldwide. A study reveals that giving a combination of the two polio vaccines may help in the eradication of the disease worldwide.

Life August 22, 2014

The Poliovirus may have flown into Brazil with World Cup fans: WHO reports no human cases, low risk

Environmental surveillance crew found a strain of poliovirus in the sewage of an airport in São Paulo, Brazil. The virus was deemed an exportation, possibly from Equatorial Guinea, and no human cases in Brazil were found.

Life June 24, 2014

Polio problem in Pakistan has caught global attention

Of the three countries that spread the polio virus beyond their borders, Pakistan raises the most concern concern as it is the only country in the world that was not able to keep track of its target to stop the spread of the disease. The polio virus may even spread among affluent Pakistanis.

Life May 11, 2014

WHO declares resurgence of polio as global emergency

Years of efforts to eradicate polio worldwide may become futile now that the paralysis-causing disease has resurfaced in at least ten countries in Middle East, Africa and Asia. The WHO says that the situation is a global emergency that calls for coordinated international response.

Life May 6, 2014

WHO declares India and Southeast Asia free of polio

India has now been certified as polio-free, with the World Health Organization (WHO) formally declaring the country's newfound status at a ceremony in New Delhi. It's been three years since any new cases of the disease have emerged.

Life March 27, 2014

California doctors stumped by mysterious polio-like infection that leaves children paralyzed

California health officials are racing to get to the bottom of a mysterious disease affecting the children. The disease causes polio-like symptoms, including paralysis of arms and legs.

Life February 26, 2014

WHO discovers cesspool of polio virus in Peshawar

Pakistan is the only country in the world that has experienced a rise in polio cases last year. Thanks to Peshawar.

Life January 18, 2014

Polio-free India is now 3 years old

India, which once had the highest number of polio cases in the world, is marking three years since its last reported polio case.

Life January 14, 2014

Pakistan polio outbreak threatens global eradication campaign

A recent outbreak of polio in Pakistan, near the border of Afghanistan, threatens global efforts to corner and eradicate the dangerous virus.

Life October 21, 2013

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