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Baba Vanga Predictions Suggest 2 Major Events For 2018

For 2018, Baba Vanga predicted that China will overtake the United States. The blind mystic from Bulgaria also said explorers will come home bearing news of a new energy form discovered on Venus.

Space December 26, 2017

How Does The Brain Form Predictions? Neuroscientist Offers New Framework As Explanation

How exactly does the brain make forecasts? A neuroscientist from New York has offered a new framework that could explain how the human brain formulates predictions.

Neuroscience February 7, 2017

2017 Predictions: Why Do Nostradamus, Baba Vanga And The Failed 'Blood Miracle' Spell Doom For The World?

The prophets Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, along with the failed 'blood miracle' of a saint, all seem to point to tragedies in store for the human race in 2017. In the interest of knowledge, we raise questions on what they possibly mean.

Life & Style December 31, 2016

Big Data Help CIA Predict Social Unrest 5 Days Before It Begins

The CIA started a new future-proof division, which will enable it to predict social unrest a few days before it happens. Meet the Directorate of Digital Innovation, a place where machine learning and agent expertise will come together.

Security October 7, 2016

E3 2016: 5 Predictions About Sony's Presentation

This year's E3 is nearly upon us, and that includes presentations by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, such as Sony. What will that company feature at this year's event?

Video Games June 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Bummer: According To 'Ghostbusters II' The World Will End On Feb. 14

In 1989, 'Back to the Future II' predicted a high-tech 2015, while 'Ghostbusters II' predicted that the end of the world will happen in 2016. It's a dark prediction but find out where the information from 'Ghostbusters' came from.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2016

WrestleMania 31 Predictions: Who Will Come Out On Top After WWE's Biggest Show Of 2015?

WrestleMania is WWE's biggest show of the year, and as such, it's usually home to the biggest matches. We've done our homework, and now it's time to give our predictions for this year's show of shows.

Movies/TV Shows March 28, 2015

Bing Correctly Predicts Over 80 Percent Of Oscar Winners

Despite its less-than-stellar reputation as a search engine, Microsoft's Bing correctly predicted many of last night's Oscar winners. It wasn't just a few lucky guesses, either - it was right 80% of the time.

Internet Culture February 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Predictions Roundup: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, And Best Director

The votes have been cast and the winners will be revealed at the Oscars on Sunday night. Meanwhile, here are some fan favorite predictions.

Movies/TV Shows February 21, 2015

Scientists and Doctors May Soon Be Able To Forecast Flu Patterns

The flu season always brings problems but what if scientists and doctors could be a step ahead, predicting cases in advance with minimal error to aid how the U.S. could react? UC San Diego researchers say it’s possible.

Life February 3, 2015

'Madden NFL 15' Correctly Predicts Final Super Bowl XLIX Score

Every year, people come up with crazy ways to try and predict the Super Bowl's outcome - apparently, all they need to do is turn on their Xbox: Madden NFL 15 predicted most of Super Bowl XLIX's finale.

Geek February 2, 2015

A piece of chicken has totally predicted Scotland's independence vote

Spoiler alert: A man in England has found iron-clad evidence that Scotland will vote to become independent. His evidence is a piece of chicken he found at KFC.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

Internet of Things will dominate by 2025: Good or bad?

The Internet of Things is expected to dominate the world by 2025. This is the latest results from the Pew Internet Project and their look at the future of tech and the Internet.

Internet May 15, 2014

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