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Neanderthals Were Intelligent Enough To Make Spears That Could Kill Animals At A Distance

In a study that involved javelin athletes throwing Schöningen spear replicas, researchers found the Neanderthals could hit and kill their prey at a distance. It was earlier thought these early humans could only hunt at close range.

Ancient January 26, 2019

Scientists Find Fossils Of Prehistoric Pig-like Animals In Tennessee

Paleontologists from the East Tennessee State University found well-preserved fossils of ancient species of peccaries that have gone extinct. The fossils were found in a site that was once a lake with a diverse ecosystem.

Animals January 3, 2019

World's Oldest Cave Painting Of Animal Found In Borneo

A new paper revealed that an animal painting inside a cave in a remote part of Borneo is about 40,000 years old. This contradicts the previous belief that cave painting originated in Europe.

Ancient November 8, 2018

Fossil In Argentina Suggests Giant Dinosaurs Evolved Earlier Than Previously Thought

Fossils of the creature called Ingentia prima, a species of sauropodomorph, suggest that dinosaurs grew in size 30 million years earlier than previously thought. What are the features of this prehistoric creature?

Animals July 10, 2018

New Study Reveals Neanderthals Hunted In Packs And Speared Their Prey Up Close

Researchers have discovered that Neanderthals were actually intelligent by the way they hunted their prey. The researchers found the bones of prehistoric deers in Eastern Germany that had cut marks on them.

Public Health June 26, 2018

Scientists Test The Silurian Hypothesis: Were Humans The First Industrial Civilization On Earth?

Scientists put the Silurian hypothesis to the test, to see if humans were the first major civilization on Earth. Scientists questioned what traces an industrial civilization would leave behind.

Ancient April 18, 2018

Early Homo Sapiens Who Lived In Prehistoric Rock Shelter Left Clues How Humans Can Survive Climate Change

Archaeologists, who studied ancient tools, ornaments, and human remains in the prehistoric rock shelter Riparo Bombrini, discovered how early homo sapiens survived a climate-changing supervolcano eruption This discovery offered clues how humans can survive climate change.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2018

Prehistoric Jawbone Found In UK Belongs To Triassic Marine Reptile The Size Of A Blue Whale

Fossils of a prehistoric ichthyosaur the size of a blue whale were found in the beach area in the UK. Analysis suggests that it is the largest of its kind discovered so far.

Ancient April 10, 2018

Hundreds Of Pterosaur Eggs Found In China: What Do These Reveal About Prehistoric Flying Reptiles?

At least 215 eggs belonging to the pterosaur species called Hamipterus tianshanensis were found in China. Analyses of the eggs revealed about the development of the prehistoric flying reptiles.

Animals December 1, 2017

Largest Ichthyosaurus In Fossil Record Was Pregnant At Death

The Ichthyosaurus somersetensis specimen was found in the mid-1990s. Analysis revealed it was pregnant with the third known embryo for Ichthyosaurus when it died in the Early Jurassic period.

Animals August 29, 2017

Boy Finds 1.2 million-year-old Stegomastodon Bones: Other Chance Prehistoric Fossil Discoveries

A 9-year-old kid from New Mexico literally stumbled upon a 1.2 million-year-old stegomastodon fossil while playing with his siblings. Here are some other incredible and interesting accidental fossil finds.

Ancient July 23, 2017

Neanderthal Tooth Plaque Hints Prehistoric Humans Used Medicinal Plants To Treat Ailments

DNA from dental plaque suggests the Neanderthals may have had knowledge about medicines. The prehistoric humans may have self-medicated using medicinal plants that produce painkiller and antibiotic substances.

Medicine March 9, 2017

Newly Discovered Ancient Giant Monster Worm Had Scary, Snapping Jaws

An ancient fossil stored in a Canadian museum for 20 years has been identified as the remains of an extinct giant monster worm with scary, snapping jaws. Researchers say the creature is distinct for its unique gigantism.

Ancient February 22, 2017

Bye, Granddad: World's Oldest Public Aquarium Fish Dies In Chicago

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has euthanized Granddad the Australian lungfish. The almost 100-year-old fish is the oldest zoo animal in the city and the longest among aquarium fish worldwide to live.

Animals February 7, 2017

Dinosaur-Era Insect Found Preserved In Amber Looks Like An Alien

An insect that lived during the time of the dinosaurs resembled the appearance of E.T. Its features were unique enough that scientists placed it into its own order.

Animals January 26, 2017

Prehistoric Ghost Shark Older Than Dinosaurs Filmed Alive In Ocean For The First Time [Video]

A species of ghost shark, deep-sea creatures that have been swimming in the ocean before the time of the dinosaurs, has been filmed alive. See the video.

Animals December 17, 2016

400-Year-Old Petroglyphs Unearthed On Hawaiian Beach

One July evening, two tourists strolling on a Hawaiian coast accidentally stumbled upon something fascinating. The tourists discovered curious carvings believed to have been made by Hawaiian indigenous people.

Ancient August 11, 2016

York Scientists Scale The Alps To Scan High-Altitude Prehistoric Art

A team of archaeologists from University of York scaled the Alps to scan the highest-elevation prehistoric rock paintings ever found. Photos from the project were enhanced.

Ancient May 28, 2016

Reconstructed African Landscape Reveals Life Was Stressful For Early Humans

Our prehistoric ancestors had a rough start. A reconstructed African landscape revealed that even early humans experienced a stressful life, a study has found.

Earth/Environment March 11, 2016

Fossil Analysis Reveals Humans Split From Primates 2 Million Years Earlier Than Thought

Humans may have split from the great ape family lineage 2 million years earlier than what was previously thought, a new study revealed. Researchers analyzed the teeth fossils of a common ancestor of apes and humans.

February 19, 2016

1.1 Million-Year-Old Stegodon Tusk Found In Pakistan

A team of scientists in Pakistan has unearthed an ancient, rare tusk from the prehistoric mammal stegodon. The finding may shed light on the animal's evolutionary journey.

Animals February 17, 2016

Amber Shows Prehistoric Ants Were Socializing And Fighting 100 Million Years Ago

Even before prehistoric humans did, ancient ant colonies have been fighting with one another over food and territory. This finding is evident in a 100-million-year-old amber where ancient ants were trapped.

Animals February 15, 2016

Prehistoric Humans Supplemented Their Diets With Tortoises

Turtle meat may be a delicacy today, but for early humans, tortoises were necessary for survival. A supplement to a diet of mainly large game, tortoises were found to have been consumed roasted in their shells.

February 4, 2016

Neolithic Tomb In Spain Sheds Light On Ancient Burial Traditions

Neolithic humans constructed megalithic tombs as collective burial sites. Now, a new study in Spain created an extensive picture of what the Neolithic community may have been in life and in death.

Animals January 22, 2016

Plesiosaurs Swam Like Penguins By Using Flippers Underwater

Like penguins, prehistoric marine reptiles known as plesiosaurs used their front flippers to zoom through the water. The discovery may end the long-time debate about how this reptile swam underwater, scientists said.

Animals December 19, 2015

1.2 Million-Year-Old Stone Tool Found in Turkey is Oldest-Known Tool Made by Man

A prehistoric stone tool discovered at an ancient site on the Gediz River in Anatolia, Turkey is giving researchers clues on when and how human ancestors arrived in Europe more than one million years ago.

Animals December 29, 2014

Discovery of amphibious ichthyosaur fossil remains may be missing piece in evolutionary puzzle

A fossil discovered by researchers in China is long sought for the missing link that could bridge the evolutionary puzzle on how the sea-based ichthyosaurs were descended from ancient reptiles that walked on land.

Animals November 8, 2014

Discovery of strange fossil skull in Madagascar may help solve mystery of mammalian evolution

The discovery of the near-complete skull of the primitive mammal Vintana sertichi has allowed researchers to learn more about gondwanatherians and place them in the right evolutionary tree branch.

Animals November 6, 2014

Tooth fossil suggests aquatic and land dinosaurs fought savage battles for supremacy

Bite marks and a tooth of the semi-aquatic phytosaur that were found in the thigh of the terrestrial predator rauisuchid provide evidence that land and water dinosaurs interact and even engage in fights during the Triassic era.

Earth/Environment September 30, 2014

Humongous Spinosaurus terrorized the mid-Cretaceous period: Paleontologist

The Spinosaurus aegyptiacus may have feasted on early crocodiles, sharks and gigantic fish during the mid-cretaceous period but it is believed to have also occasionally taken down other dinosaurs.

Animals September 13, 2014

Giant swimming Spinosaurus dwarfed T. rex

Remains of the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus that were unearthed from Kem Kem beds in Morocco revealed that the animal is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus rex by at least 8 feet providing evidence that it could have been the largest predatory dinosaur that existed in prehistoric times.

Earth/Environment September 13, 2014

New titanosaur species found in Tanzania and it's called Rukwati-oh-it's-twisting-my-tongue

Dinosaur fossils were spotted in a cliffwall in Tanzania, East Africa, which later turned out to be a new species of dinosaur that belongs to a group of large sauropods that thrived in the Cretaceous Period.

Animals September 10, 2014

Look mom there's a woolly mammoth in our ranch

A family in Texas discovered a nearly complete skeleton of a Columbian mammoth on their ranch and decided to donate it to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas.

Animals August 26, 2014

Ancient hunting ground found hidden in Lake Huron

Beneath Lake Heron, archaeologists found one of the most extensive hunting grounds ever discovered in the area. What does this tell us about life 9,000 years ago?

Animals April 29, 2014

9-year-old boy finds 'pretty cool' 10,000-year-old tooth of mastadon

Boy dubbed 'Huckleberry' by friends makes barefoot discovery of mastodon tooth in Michigan. Wooly creatures roamed North America 10,000 years ago.

Animals April 23, 2014

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