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Aging Hubble Spacecraft's Wide Field Camera Down For The Count

NASA confirmed that Wide Field Camera 3 on the Hubble Space Telescope is currently offline due to a malfunction. Teams are hard at work troubleshooting the glitch, saying that a system reboot might be needed to fix the error.

Space January 10, 2019

Dark 'Noodles' In The Milky Way Could Be Part Of Missing Matter

Astronomers were able to detect dark 'noodles' in the Milky Way. The mysterious lumps of gas clouds may be the missing matter, which may change how experts understand the galaxy's gas conditions.

Space January 22, 2016

Pair Of Supermassive Black Holes Will Collide With Unimaginable Force Sooner Than We Think...But Don't Panic

Researchers find more evidence that a pair of black holes dancing inside of a quasar are on a collision course. This light show about 3.5 billion light years away is going to push one of Einstein's theories to the extreme.

Space September 22, 2015

How Scientists Almost Missed Finding A Monster Black Hole 12 Billion Times The Mass Of Our Sun

A newly discovered super massive black hole is 12 billion times more massive than the sun. Interestingly, it is housed in a quasar that scientists initially overlooked.

Space February 28, 2015

Ancient Black Hole Is So Big It Doesn't Fit Current Theories: A Surprise From The Early Universe

Giant black hole and its companion quasar are bigger than they should be under current theories, astronomers say. How they grew so fast is a puzzle, they admit.

Space February 25, 2015

Monster Winds From Supermassive Black Hole's Belch More Powerful Than Trillion Suns

A giant black hole blasts out fierce cosmic winds so powerful they can influence the host galaxy's capability to form new stars. The winds' energy is comparable to what is emitted by over a trillion suns.

Space February 20, 2015

Black Hole on a 'Diet' Shows Dimming Quasar

A quasar has been seen changing brightness dramatically over just a few years for the first time ever. What can this tell us about these objects, as well as our own galaxy?

Space January 23, 2015

Quasar phenomena mystery finally explained by Eddington ratio

Quasar diversity can finally be explained by two simple characteristics, answering a mystery two decades old.

Space September 17, 2014

Monster black hole RX J1131-1231 spins at over half the speed of light

A massive black hole has been spotted rotating at over half the speed of light. But, what does that tell us about the life of the mysterious object?

Space March 6, 2014

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