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Red Bull Stunt Has LA Residents Fearing Falling 'Meteor'

A Red Bull stunt stunned LA residents when they mistook jumpers in winged suits and pyrotechnics as a meteor strike or even a UFO invasion. The event marked the company’s celebration for the last supermoon of 2019.

March 22, 2019

Man Drinks 25 Cans Of Energy Drink In 6 Hours, Wakes Up With Brain Hemorrhage

A 56-year-old man from the United Kingdom once drank 25 cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks over a six-hour period. Later that night, he was rushed to the hospital, where he was found to have a brain hemorrhage.

Public Health February 5, 2018

Energy Drink Addict Suffers From Heart Attack After Drinking Eight Cans Of Red Bull

Martin Bowling, a 28-year-old insurance worker from England, suffered a heart attack when he downed eight cans in a row of the energy drink Red Bull. Doctors warn about caffeine overconsumption and its nasty effects.

Life December 15, 2015

Steem Peanut Butter Contains Twice The Caffeine Found In Cup Of Coffee: What Are The Risks For Consumers?

A single 2-tablespoon serving of Steem peanut butter has more caffeine than one serving of concentrated Red Bull. A U.S. senator says the product poses serious health risks among children and pregnant women.

Life November 12, 2015

Look How 'Dying Light' Developer Pokes Fun At Destiny's Red Bull Epic New Quest Ad

Techland says it is jumping on one of the latest trends in marketing. What the company is really doing is having a laugh at its peers.

Video Games June 26, 2015

You Can Get New Quest For 'Destiny' By Drinking Red Bull

Activision, Bungie and Red Bull have partnered to promote the latest expansion for video game 'Destiny.' Everyone who opens a specially marked Red Bull can and redeems the code gets extra XP and a free quest from 'The Taken King.'

Movies/TV Shows June 24, 2015

Fireballs streak across U.S. and Japan skies, but what exactly are they?

Monday night, three separate fireballs streaked across the sky in the U.S., with another fireball reportedly seen over Japan. But exactly what are these fireballs and where do they come from?

Geek November 5, 2014

Red Bull probably owes you money: Here's how you can get it

The highest selling energy drink proposed a $13 million settlement in the US District Court of the Southern District of New York for false advertisement claims.

Internet Culture October 8, 2014

Super Mario meets parkour in the real world

Red Bull and parkour collective Team Farang have done Nintendo fans a huge favor. They've put together 'Arcade Run,' a video that brings Super Mario Bros. into the real world with awesome results.

Geek September 20, 2014

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