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Building Seawalls To Protect Vulnerable U.S. Locations From Rising Sea Levels Will Cost $400 Billion

How much will it cost to protect communities across the country from rising sea levels? Evidently, protection comes at a hefty price of $400 billion.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2019

3 Islands Disappeared In 2018 And More Islands Could Go Under In The Near Future

The rising sea level caused by climate change already claimed three small and uninhabited islands. If global greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, larger islands that are home to millions of people would also disappear.

Earth/Environment June 10, 2019

Global Sea Levels May Rise At A Much Faster Rate Than Previously Thought, Study Says

Climate experts are preparing for a possible increase in global sea levels that could exceed initial estimations. Water levels in the world's seas could rise by as much as 6.6 feet by 2100 if carbon emissions are not checked.

Earth/Environment May 22, 2019

Slumping Ice Cliffs May Trigger Rapid Sea Level Rise

A new study revealed that ice cliffs could break off in a process called slumping and it could trigger rapid sea level rise. Tall ice cliffs are more likely susceptible to slumping, scientists said.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2019

Increasing Rainfall Melts Greenland Ice Sheet And Contributes To Sea Level Rise In The Arctic

Greenland is already losing so much ice each year. Now, researchers found that unusual rains in the Arctic may be contributing to the phenomenon as well.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2019

Internet Infrastructure Faces Threat From Rising Sea Levels Linked To Climate Change

Rising sea levels linked to climate change could submerge internet infrastructure as early as within 15 years. Infrastructure in three U.S. cities was found to be the most vulnerable.

Earth/Environment July 17, 2018

Global Warming May Actually Be Twice As Hot As Climate Models Projected

Global warming may bring about the heat that’s twice as bad as what climate models project. In this scenario, polar ice caps could collapse and the desert could become green – effects that are underestimated in current forecasts.

July 6, 2018

Scientists Discover That A Rising Bedrock Could Be The Key To Saving The Ice In West Antarctica

A new study revealed that the rising bedrock in West Antarctica could balance out the loss from the melting ice sheet. Scientists used six GPS stations to discover the rate of the bedrock increase.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Sea Level Flooding Could Threaten Over 300,000 Homes In The United States, Study Says

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a study that showcased 16 states could be in danger of constant flooding due to rising sea levels. They also predicted that the constant flooding could last 30 years.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Why The Cork Glacier Worries Scientists

A team of researchers has prepared to study the Thwaites Glacier. Armed with the latest equipment, they aim to gather more data to support their claims that the cork glaciers are at risk.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

Potable Groundwater Will Be Unavailable On Majority of Atoll Islands by Mid-21st Century

A team of experts from different environmental organizations said that groundwater resources on low-lying atoll islands will become unavailable by mid-2030s to 2060s due to the combination of factors brought by climate change.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2018

Snowfall Increase In Antarctica Over The Last 200 Years Worries Scientists About The Rise Of Sea Levels

A new study shows that the amount of snowfall seen in Antarctica has increased over the last two centuries. This worries scientists who see that this increased snowfall could lead to a rise in sea levels.

Earth/Environment April 9, 2018

Antarctica's Ice Is Melting Underwater: Here's Why This Is A Big Problem

Underwater melting of Antarctica's ice sheet is far greater than previously thought. It poses a significant threat as Antarctica holds the largest reservoir of Earth's freshwater.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2018

Climate Change Could Double Global Sea Level Rise By 2100: NASA Study

A new study by NASA has indicated that climate change has accelerated the global sea level rise in the past few decades. The agency has projected that the global sea level rise can double by 2100.

Earth/Environment March 5, 2018

Melting Ice In Greenland And Antarctica Causing Sea Levels To Rise Twice As Much Than Predicted

Researchers gathered 25 years of satellite data and observed that sea levels will increase by almost two feet at the end of the century. They say the accelerating sea level rise is due to ocean warming and melting ice sheets.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2018

The Ocean Floor Is Sinking Due To Additional Water Weight From Melting Glaciers

The bottom of the ocean is sinking, warping and deforming because of added water weight from melting glaciers. What does this say about estimated extent of sea level rise?

Earth/Environment January 8, 2018

Rising Sea Levels Will Submerge Thousand Of US Historical Sites

If the rise in sea levels don’t slow down, thousands of historical sites in the country could be at risk of being wiped out. In such a scenario, Southeastern United States is expected to bear much of the burden.

Earth/Environment December 2, 2017

Greenland Ice Melt Is Major Source Of Rising Sea Levels: Study

Melting of ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland is a major source in the increase of rising sea levels worldwide, a new study revealed. Scientists believe such findings act as a warning for coastal cities threatened by flooding.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2017

Climate Change Could Cause Sea Levels In California To Rise By 10 Feet

A study revealed that the rise in sea level is comparatively greater in California than anywhere else in the world. Scientists predicted that by 2100, the state could face a rise in sea levels by as much as 10 feet.

Earth/Environment April 28, 2017

More Than Half Of Southern California Beaches Could Be Gone By 2100: Why This Matters

A new study warned about the erosion of Southern California beaches by 2100. What do these findings say about the future of the iconic beaches and current rising sea levels brought on by climate change?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2017

Ancient Warming Hints At Major Sea Level Rise Ahead

A new study raised worry over finding that the last time ocean temperatures were this warm, or 125,000 years ago, sea levels were up to 30 feet higher than they currently are.

Earth/Environment January 20, 2017

Methane Doesn’t Last Long In The Atmosphere But Causes Sea-Level Rise For Centuries

Sea levels are on the rise and researchers have found that short-lived compounds in the atmosphere like methane have a hand in influencing the event for centuries.

Earth/Environment January 10, 2017

Iceberg The Size Of Delaware Set To Break Off From Antarctica, Potentially Affects Global Sea Levels

A long-running rift in Larsen C ice shelf suddenly grew in December, becoming almost as huge as Delaware and now poised to break off from Antarctica anytime soon.

Earth/Environment January 7, 2017

Log Books From Early Antarctic Expedition Show Antarctic Sea Ice Hasn’t Changed Much In Size In 100 Years

New research suggests that the variations of the Antarctic sea ice are part of a natural pattern. The study shows that the change in the sea ice could be due to natural causes, and not influenced by climate change.

Earth/Environment November 26, 2016

Alaska Village Opts To Relocate Due To Threat Of Rising Seas

A native village in Alaska by the sea has decided to relocate amid the threat of rising sea levels, officials announced Wednesday. However, such decisions to relocate face lack of federal funding, reports say.

Earth/Environment August 19, 2016

Climate Scientists Say 2015 Set Record Highs For Global Heat, Sea Level

The NOAA has released its State of the Climate report, which combines the observations of 450 scientists on various climate factors. The document shows the record highs set for global temperatures, sea level and greenhouse gases in 2015.

Earth/Environment August 4, 2016

New NASA Map Shows How Fast New Orleans Is Sinking

New Orleans and areas surrounding it are sinking, according to a new study conducted by NASA. If the subsidence continues, millions of Americans will lose their homes.

Earth/Environment May 19, 2016

Due To Climate Change, Rising Sea Levels Swallow Five Solomon Islands

A new report by Australian scientists suggests that human-induced climate change may be to blame as to why rising sea levels 'swallowed' five of the hundreds of Solomon Islands. The study is the first of its kind.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2016

Facebook And Google Offices At Risk Of Flood As Sea Levels Rise

The Silicon Valley properties of Facebook and Google face severe risks from the rising sea water level, according to scientific forecasts, leaving the companies in grave contemplation to secure their threatened premises.

Earth/Environment April 25, 2016

Small Islands At Risk Of Freshwater Scarcity, May Dry Out In The Future: Study

Small islands are at risk of facing freshwater scarcity and drying out in the future, a new study has found. Researchers found that global climate models underestimated the effects of climate change on these tiny islands.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2016

Scientists Underestimated Potential Sea Level Rise Over Next 100 Years: Study

A new study revealed that previous climate models may have underestimated the potential sea level rise over the next 100 years. Researchers also said accurate predictions would spell disaster for coastal cities.

Earth/Environment March 31, 2016

Rising Sea Levels To Expose 13 Millions Americans To Flooding By Year 2100

About 13 million Americans may be exposed to the effects of flooding by the year 2100 according to a new study that used futuristic population and sea level rise models. The findings may help policymakers develop adaptation strategies early before it becomes too late.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2016

Blame Climate Change For The Extinction Of Shark-Like Ancient Marine Reptiles Ichthyosaurs

Drastic changes in the climate during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period led to the demise of an ancient marine reptile known as the ichthyosaur. The rise in sea levels and global temperatures left the creature vulnerable to significant developments in its environment.

Earth/Environment March 9, 2016

Greenland's Ice Is Getting Darker And Melting Faster

Greenland’s icy surface is getting darker and absorbing more solar radiation, a new study revealed. It’s a cycle: a darker surface allows more snowpack to melt, which could bring more dirt to accumulate on the surface and even contribute to rising sea levels.

Earth/Environment March 4, 2016

Sea Levels Rise Faster In 20th Century Than In Past 3,000 Years

The fastest global sea level increase over the past 3,000 years occurred during the 20th century. According to a new study, water levels in the world's seas have risen by as much as 5.5 inches over the years.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Hot, Parched Earth Slows Down Sea Level Rise: NASA Experts

Glaciers and ice sheets are rapidly melting, causing sea levels to elevate, but not fast enough. A new study revealed that the hot, parched Earth is slowing down the rates of sea level rise.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2016

Climate Change Effect On Humans: We May Evolve To Have Webbed Feet, Translucent Eyelids To Adapt To Sea Level Rise

Is it possible for future humans to develop webbed feet and translucent eyelids or even lose all of our teeth? Climate change may be a factor as a paleoanthropologist in the United Kingdom says that given the right conditions, these things are theoretically feasible.

Earth/Environment January 14, 2016

Melting Ice Caps, Rising Sea Level Slow Down Earth's Spin

Harvard University researchers has found that the Earth's rotation on its axis has slowed during the past 100 years as a result of climate change. The melting of glaciers in the planet's poles has caused the weight of bodies of water to shift and, in turn, force the Earth to slightly wobble on its axis as well.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2015

Sea Level Rise Due To Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet Poses Less Threat Than Feared: Study

A new research found that sea level rise due to melting Antarctic ice caps will rise in 2100 but not as high as previously thought. Researchers predict that sea levels will rise by 10 cm at most in a century.

Animals November 19, 2015

Antarctic Glaciers' Melting Said Near 'Unstoppable' Point, Threatening Sea Level Rise

The melting of glaciers may have reached a tipping point affecting all of the West Antarctic ice sheet, study finds. There is sufficient ice there to raise sea levels around the world by 10 feet, researchers say.

November 4, 2015

Rising Sea Level Will Drown Miami, New Orleans Regardless Of Efforts To Counter Climate Change: Study

Researchers found that several U.S. cities are at risk of becoming submerged in water because of the impact of global warming on the rise and fall of sea levels. Miami and New Orleans are two such cities mentioned in the report.

Animals October 15, 2015

Map Shows Which American Cities Will Drown With Rising Sea Levels

At the rate the sea levels are rising, scientists predict that several cities in the U.S. will be below sea level by 2100. They urge other countries to cut down their carbon footprint to prevent a spike in sea level elevation that could rob millions of homes and lives.

Earth/Environment October 13, 2015

[UPDATED] Climate Change In Google Maps? Google Mistakenly Puts Los Angeles Underwater

Google is getting serious about climate change, makes a change in Google Maps showing what L.A. would look like underwater.

Society September 14, 2015

World's Glaciers Melting At Faster Rate Than Ever, Study Finds

Global glaciers are losing ice at the fastest rate seen in 120 years of record-keeping, researchers say. The loss is likely to continue even if temperatures stop rising and stabilize, they warn.

Earth/Environment August 5, 2015

Sea Level Rises Would Leave World's Coastal Cities 'Dysfunctional,' Expert Warns

New projections put sea level rise higher than previous estimates, researchers say. As global warming melts the world's ice, coastal cities could be at risk, they say.

Earth/Environment July 22, 2015

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