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SpaceX Completes Falcon 9 Rocket Launch But Misses Catching Nose Cone

Hours before and after the Falcon 9 rocket launch, news of its nose cone was making noise on social media. What is so special about this rocket fairing?

Space February 23, 2018

Australian University Launches Its First Miniature Satellite In Space

An Australian university is leading the nation's push to enter the space race. Last week, it launched its first miniature cube satellite into orbit and recently, opened up Australia's first space mission design facility.

Space November 28, 2017

Antares Rocket Launches Cygnus Cargo Ship To Space Station With Pizza And Ice Cream

Orbital ATK launched a Cygnus cargo ship on its Antares rocket on Sunday. The cargo ship, which is headed to the ISS, is carrying delectable treats like ice cream and pizza for the crew members.

Space November 13, 2017

Russia Conducts Unusually Secret Soyuz Rocket Launch: What Is It For?

The Soyuz 2-1v rocket of Russia has launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northwest Russia, but with no official details on its payload. It's more likely a geodetic satellite, according to reports.

Space June 26, 2017

Here's Why NASA Will Shoot Colorful Clouds Across The Sky On Father's Day

On Father’s Day, NASA will be performing a colorful light show visible across the East coast. The light show will help scientists visibly track how clouds move in Earth’s ionosphere.

Space June 18, 2017

SpaceX Could Launch Falcon Heavy In Four Months

SpaceX is keeping Falcon Heavy on schedule for its maiden flight. Elon Musk reveals that the megarocket could be ready to launch by the end of summer.

Space June 10, 2017

Watch NASA's First 360-Degree Live Stream Of Atlas V Rocket Launch

NASA will live stream in 360 degrees for the first time. The video will feature the launch of the Atlas V rocket, allowing viewers to experience a pad's-eye view of the event.

Space April 18, 2017

NASA Announces World’s First VR-Compatible, 360-Degree Rocket Launch Video Coverage On April 18

NASA, United Launch Alliance, and Orbital ATK have announced the first-ever live video coverage of a rocket launch that is available to view in 360 degrees and in VR.

Space April 16, 2017

Why Is SpaceX's Next Rocket Launch A Huge Deal?

Elon Musk's rocket company will attempt to relaunch and recover a first stage booster that was already fired off in 2016. Should the operation succeed, flying into space would become significantly cheaper.

Space March 29, 2017

WATCH: Delta IV Rocket Carrying Advanced WGS-9 US Military Communications Satellite Takes Off For Space

Delta IV rocket launched the ninth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS-9) space mission for the U.S. Air Force on Saturday, March 18. See the launch highlights here.

Space March 19, 2017

Japan Fails Bid To Launch Satellite-Carrying Mini-Rocket Shortly After Liftoff

Carrying a mini Earth-observation satellite, No. 4 vehicle of the SS-520 rocket series managed to lift off Sunday at 8:33 a.m. in Japan when a communications malfunction forced the abortion of the rocket’s second stage.

Space January 16, 2017

Falcon 9 Launch Postponed To January 14: Bad Weather Caused SpaceX To Push Back Launch Date

SpaceX has moved its scheduled Falcon 9 liftoff from Jan. 9 to Jan. 14 because of bad weather at its California launch site. This is supposed to be the company's first rocket launch since August 2016.

Space January 8, 2017

Delta IV Heavy Launch Postponed Due To Bad Weather

United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket launch was canceled due to bad weather conditions. The launch, tagged as NROL-37 mission, was supposed to bring a classified National Reconnaissance Office satellite to space.

Space June 10, 2016

Virtual Reality Shows Cape Canaveral Rocket Launch To Mars Exploration

Thanks to incredible virtual reality technology, viewers can watch a rocket launch in Cape Canaveral or explore the surface of Mars as if they are actually there.

Space April 17, 2016

SpaceX Scrubs Fourth Falcon 9 Launch, Sets Next Attempt On Friday

SpaceX scrubbed its fourth attempt last Tuesday night to launch a Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket will deliver the SES-9 satellite as high above Earth as over 24,000 miles to provide DTH broadcasting and mobile communications services to parts of the world.

Space March 2, 2016

SpaceX Aborts Second Falcon 9 Attempt To Deliver Satellites Into Space Just Two Minutes Before Liftoff

Due to a technical difficulty, SpaceX called off its second attempt Thursday to propel the SES-9 communications satellite into distant orbit. The SES-9 satellite is designed to provide TV broadcasting and other communications services from parts of Southeast Asia to Africa and the Middle East.

Space February 26, 2016

SpaceX Fails To Land Booster But Elon Musk Remains Optimistic

SpaceX unsuccessfully attempted to land a Falcon 9 first-stage rocket on a drone ship in the Pacific on Sunday. Despite this, the company's founder and CEO Elon Musk said that he remains optimistic about project’s potential for success.

Space January 18, 2016

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Makes History As First-Ever Orbital Rocket To Land Back On Earth

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has become the first-ever orbital rocket to land back on Earth, marking a changing point in space travel for those who don't have millions of dollars.

FUTURE TECH December 21, 2015

SpaceX Delays The Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX announced that the Dec. 19 launch date for the Falcon 9 rocket has been delayed for a later date due to inclement weather conditions.

FUTURE TECH December 21, 2015

Elon Musk Announces Next SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch With An Updated Rocket

Multimillionaire innovator and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced the next launch for his SpaceX reusable rocket, which will test updates that will help the rocket successfully land after its Dec. 19 mission.

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2015

Experimental Launch Of Super Strypi Rocket From Hawaii Spirals Out Of Control

An experimental rocket launch by the U.S. Air Force from Hawaii has failed after spiraling out of control within a minute of launch. The rocket was being tested as a way to send satellites into space at a much cheaper price than other rockets.

FUTURE TECH November 4, 2015

TONIGHT: NASA Launches A Rocket That Farts Beautiful Colors

The launch will stream live at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

Space October 7, 2015

SpaceX To Conduct Another Attempt At Historic Rocket Landing

A new schedule has been set for SpaceX to launch a historic rocket to the International Space Station. NASA will be televising the event so that the entire world can watch a possible breakthrough in space.

Space June 26, 2015

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