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Top 10 Most Dangerous American States For Senior Drivers

Which states in the U.S. are the most and least dangerous for senior drivers aged 65 and above? Survey findings shed light on the lack of regulations and high roadway fatalities among the graying baby boomers.

NASS July 13, 2016

More Than Half A Million Older Men Are Lonely, Harms Their Health: Report

About 550,000, or one-third, of older men in the UK who are suffering from long-term health issues are lonely. The numbers are expected to surge to two-thirds by 2030 as the life expectancy for senior men becomes closer to that for women.

Public Health June 18, 2016

US Senior Population Forecasted To Number 88 Million By 2050

A census report estimates that senior Americans aged 65 years and older will surge from 48 to 88 million by 2050. In the population aging race, the U.S. is behind Europe and Asia, whose populations are aging more rapidly.

Life March 29, 2016

Researchers Develop New App That Can Help Seniors Live Better

Experts at the University of Notre Dame created a new app that could help seniors live better. Called eSeniorCare, the new app not only tracks health goals, but also promotes communication between health care providers and their patients.

Life November 24, 2015

Elderly People Are Dangerous Drivers: Over-65s React Slowly When Distracted

A new study revealed that people who are aged 65 years old and above are less safe while driving because of their declining eyesight. In different trials, elderly people were assessed regarding how they process visual information.

Life October 26, 2015

Centenarian Celebrated 103rd Birthday By Dressing Up As Wonder Woman

A very super cool Centenarian celebrated her 103rd birthday on Monday wearing a Wonder Woman Costume. Mary Cotter's friends bought her the superhero garb because they felt that she was a real life Wonder Woman.

Internet Culture October 19, 2015

104-Year-Old Woman Says Dr. Pepper May Be The Secret To A Long Life

Conventional wisdom tells us that drinking soda is unhealthy and could lead to potential health problems. However, one 104-year-old woman shows that's not always the case.

Internet Culture March 20, 2015

Senior Drivers Support Tougher License Renewal Rules to Keep Roads Safer

Senior citizens that are still driving believe that tougher laws should be implemented for fellow senior citizens that are still on the road. As it stands, only 33 states have additional requirements for license renewals of senior citizen drivers.

FUTURE TECH December 2, 2014

Statins may Lower Risk of Heart Disease for Most Seniors: Study

A study reveals that most American senior citizens will qualify for statin therapy. Statins are a group of drugs that lower the levels of cholesterol within the body by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase.

Life November 26, 2014

Millennials are more likely to live at home than senior citizens

Historically, senior citizens were the largest demographic to live at home with family. Now millennials are changing this trend.

Internet Culture July 17, 2014

Vitamin D doesn't reduce or impact a person's fall risk, says new report

Taking the supplement is useless if the goal is reducing the risk of a fall.

Life April 25, 2014

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