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If You Quit Smoking, Your Lung Cancer Risk Will Drop Significantly Within 5 Years: Study

Good news: quit smoking now and your risk of developing lung cancer will drop substantially in five years. Bad news: even if you quit, your risks will still be higher than a person who has never smoked before.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2018

Smokers 20 Percent More Likely To Quit Smoking When Cigarette Prices Increase

Older smokers are 20 percent more likely to quit smoking with just a $1 increase in cigarette prices. Can price hikes also encourage younger smokers to quit the unhealthy habit?

Public Health August 21, 2017

Seeing New Version Of E-Cigarettes Can Spark Desire To Smoke

Seeing a person smoke cigarettes or use vape pens sparks desire in young smokers to smoke. The findings cast doubt on the potentials of electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid.

Public Health January 19, 2017

Testimonial Warning Labels On Tobacco Products More Effective At Motivating Attempts To Quit Smoking: TCORS Report

Warning labels are there to deter smoking. However, researchers have found that testimonial warning labels are better than text-based ones in motivating smokers to quit.

Public Health December 12, 2016

Smoking One Cigarette Per Day Still Linked To Higher Risk Of Early Death

Occasional smoking, or smoking only between one and 10 cigarettes per day is still linked with early death. People who smoke lightly also have higher risk of dying from lung cancer, heart disease or respiratory diseases compared with those who never smoked.

Public Health December 5, 2016

A Smoker’s Legacy: Study Reveals Carcinogens From Tobacco Smoke Linger Months After Smokers Quit

Smokers' houses were discovered to carry dangerous carcinogen residues responsible for lung cancer even months after quitting. The residues were found in household objects as well as walls because of the substances' capacity to penetrate deep layers of surfaces.

Public Health October 5, 2016

Use Of E-Cigarettes May Have Helped 18,000 Smokers Quit Smoking In 2015

As the number of people who use e-cigarettes increases, the number of smokers who quit smoking also rises. Use of electronic cigarettes may indeed help smokers who want to stop their unhealthy habit, researchers say.

Public Health September 14, 2016

Smokers Who Try To Quit Smoking Also Likely To Drink Less Alcohol: Study

Smokers who want to reduce their alcohol intake should consider quitting smoking first. Those who attempted to quit smoking cigarettes are likely to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 23, 2016

E-Cigarettes Act As 'Roadblock' To Prevent Youth From Cigarette Smoking: Report

Whether vaping can eventually lead to cigarette smoking among the youth has long been a topic of discussion. How do young adults and teens really perceive vaping?

Public Health June 20, 2016

France To Offer Pregnant Women €300 To Quit Smoking

Smoking during pregnancy reaps negative effects for both the mother and the baby. With that, as part of a new study, hospitals in France will offer pregnant women up to €300 in vouchers if they agree to quit smoking.

Public Health May 9, 2016

Can Using E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking? British Medical Group Thinks So

An influential British medical group endorsed e-cigarette use as an effective smoking cessation method. How did they arrive at such a conclusion despite the presence of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and some widely documented e-cigarette dangers?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

UK Health Groups Recommend Use Of E-Cigarettes As Smoking Cessation Tool

Contrary to what health officials in the United States are saying, officials of Public Health England believe that the use of e-cigarettes is 95 percent less harmful to the body compared with regular cigarettes.

Life April 14, 2016

Twitter May Help You Quit Smoking: Study

Micro-blogging site Twitter may be more effective than traditional methods of helping smokers kick the habit. Here's how the social media channel could assist in smoking cessation.

Life April 1, 2016

Nearly Half Of Pregnant Smokers Go Back To Using Cigarettes After Childbirth

About half of women who were able to stay off cigarettes while pregnant returned to smoking within six months of giving birth. This was found by a new review of the effectiveness of stop-smoking services in the UK.

Life March 17, 2016

New Study Reveals Most Effective Way To Quit Smoking

Quitting cold turkey is the best way to kick the habit of smoking, a new study in the United Kingdom has revealed. Researchers compared the all-at-once approach to gradual reduction.

Life March 15, 2016

Alzheimer’s Drug May Help Smokers Successfully Kick Their Habit

Quitting smoking is difficult. Researchers understand this very well, turning to a drug approved by the FDA to treat Alzheimer’s disease in aiding smokers quit their habit.

Life February 21, 2016

The Best Time To Quit A Bad Habit Like Smoking Is When Changing Jobs Or Moving House: Experts

A new study in the United Kingdom found that the best time to ditch a bad habit like smoking is during a major life change. This could occur when you're changing jobs or moving house, researchers said.

Life January 28, 2016

Dopamine-Regulating Gene Affects Smokers' Ability To Quit Smoking: Study

A new study found that a person's ability to quit smoking is influenced by a dopamine-regulating gene. The findings of the study are said to provide evidence of the genetic association present in smoking cessation behaviors.

Life December 2, 2015

US Smoking Rate Takes Massive Nosedive: Bizarre Ways Smokers Kicked The Habit

Latest results from a CDC survey reveals a significant decline in smoking rates. While it is very hard to quit, some people resort to bizarre ways to kick the habit and finally end their addiction once and for all.

Life November 16, 2015

Tobacco Use May Worsen Diabetes Complications Says Study

Diabetics who smoke have increased risks for a range of unwanted illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and clogged arteries. Up to 14.6 percent of deaths among male diabetics worldwide can be attributed to smoking.

Life September 10, 2015

Researchers Find Region Of Brain Responsible To Tobacco Addiction

The part of the brain that may be significantly responsible for tobacco addiction has been determined by researchers. The study results may provide valuable inputs to develop more effective treatments for nicotine dependence.

Life September 10, 2015

Researchers Say Smoking Can Lead To 'Pot Belly' Stomach

Researchers found that while smoking may be associated with weight loss, it does not spare belly fat. The findings of a new study discovered that increased smoking may result in a 'pot belly' stomach.

Life August 20, 2015

Enzyme From The Bacteria Pseudomonas putida Might Help You Quit Smoking: How It Works

An enzyme found in a bacterium that consumes nicotine for nitrogen and carbon shows potentials as another smoking cessation alternative.

Life August 11, 2015

Heart Risks For Former Smokers Return To Normal After 15 Years

Individuals who quit smoking 15 years ago may have the same heart risk as those who never smoked. A new study shows that the risk percentages of both groups are similar.

Life June 17, 2015

Want Employees To Quit Smoking? Give Them Cash Incentives

It may be difficult to quit smoking, but a new study provides evidence that financial incentive programs are effective in helping people quit the unhealthy habit.

Life May 19, 2015

Quit Smoking? Blood Markers can Tell if You Should Use Patch or Pill

Using a biomarker called nicotine metabolite ratio, researchers were able to determine the rate on which smokers metabolize the nicotine in their body and this could tell which smoking cessation treatment is more effective for them.

Life January 12, 2015

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