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Giant Basking Sharks Spotted In Numbers Not Seen Decades

Are the giant basking sharks making a population comeback? After years of occasional sightings, recent sightings catch the sharks in numbers not seen in decades.

Animals May 10, 2019

Massive Painted Lady Butterfly Migration Leaves California Residents In Awe

Residents of Southern California were surprised to witness millions of painted lady butterflies migrating to the north. Experts explained that the increased rainfall in the desert fueled the large swarms this year.

Animals March 18, 2019

Rescuers Trying To Find Gray Whale Entangled In Metal Frame Off Southern California Coast

Rescuers are on the lookout for a gray whale in Southern California. The whale has been spotted entangled in some sort of metal frame, which is estimated to be a part of some fishing gear.

Animals April 4, 2017

More Than Half Of Southern California Beaches Could Be Gone By 2100: Why This Matters

A new study warned about the erosion of Southern California beaches by 2100. What do these findings say about the future of the iconic beaches and current rising sea levels brought on by climate change?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2017

Scientists Discover New Fault Along Southern California’s Salton Lake Parallel To San Andreas

Not long after Southern California endured a swarm of earthquakes, researchers are saying they have found a new fault along Salton Lake. How will this new fault affect the San Andreas system?

Earth/Environment October 6, 2016

San Andreas Fault 'Locked, Loaded And Ready To Go': Scientist Warns Looming Massive Earthquake In California

Earthquake scientist Thomas Jordan warned that the San Andreas fault is ripe for a big Southern California earthquake. Learn more about the projected damages in this potentially big California earthquake.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

Cleaner Air In Southern California Linked To Improvement In Children's Health

A decrease in air pollution in Southern California has resulted in the improvement of children's health. Researchers found that children showed fewer respiratory symptoms alongside improved air quality in the region.

Life April 13, 2016

California Declares Massive Natural Gas Leak Permanently Sealed

California declared Thursday that the pipeline rupture which caused a massive natural gas leak in October is now permanently sealed. It is safe for residents return to their homes, officials said.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2016

Rare Venomous Sea Snake Found On California Beach: Experts Point To El Niño Effect (Video)

A venomous sea snake was found on the beach south of Los Angeles. Ocean waters warmed by El Niño may have brought the reptile from its normal tropical habitat.

Earth/Environment December 22, 2015

SoCal Summer Storm Causes Lightning Strikes and Beach Closures

A rare summer storm hit Southern California on Saturday, bringing scattered rain showers, thunder and lightning to the region. Authorities were prompted to close several beaches while around 10,000 people were left without electricity.

Society July 20, 2015

Hello Kitty cafe set to open in SoCal

Southern California will be the home to the first Sanrio-licensed Hello Kitty Café in the continental U.S.

Movies/TV Shows November 4, 2014

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