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Scientists Finally Understand How Grapes Produce Plasma In A Microwave

A new study has discovered the reason why sliced grapes erupt into plasma fireball when microwaved. The researchers also revealed that the effects are not unique to grapes and can be applied to other round items like olives and cherries.

March 6, 2019

Blue Origin Moves Closer To Space Tourism With Successful New Shepard Rocket Test Flight

Blue Origin carried out a successful test flight for the New Shepard rocket and capsule. The company, founded by Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos, may start sending people up to space within the year.

Space April 30, 2018

DSTART Designing Evolving Starship Made From Hollowed-Out Asteroid

The DSTART team is designing a starship that can keep generations of crew alive as they travel through deep space for an extended period. Why should the interstellar spacecraft use an asteroid?

Space April 29, 2018

ESA Builds Ion Thruster Fueled By Air Molecules For Future Mars Mission

The world's first electric ion thruster is now ready to be used for longer human missions, thanks to a team at the European Space Agency. This new invention runs solely on air molecules, eliminating the need for explosive gas propellants.

Space March 7, 2018

Researchers Working On 'Happy Suit' For Astronauts To Make Space Life Easier

Researchers from Florida Polytechnic University are working on a so-called happy suit that will make living in space easier for astronauts. The suits will be powered by new technology named Smart Sensory Skin, which will address physical and emotional deficiencies.

Space February 23, 2018

NASA Engineers Created Space Makeup Kit For Women Astronauts

When women joined NASA in the 1970s, engineers wrongly assumed that they would want to use cosmetics in space. They invented a specialized makeup kit for female astronauts.

Space January 19, 2018

Zoo Hypothesis: MIT Study Suggests Aliens Are Silently Studying Humans

An MIT astronomer theorized that humans are not alone in the universe. Among the 10 theories he proposed, the zoo hypothesis has spawned the most reactions, as it asserts that aliens are quietly but carefully observing mankind.

Space January 2, 2018

Long Spaceflights Shrink Astronauts' Brain: Here Are Other Side Effects Of Spending Time In Space

Space travel takes a toll on the health of astronauts, according to various studies conducted by NASA. The health afflictions can vary from blurry visions to gene alteration.

Space November 9, 2017

Human Waste May Be Transformed Into Plastic And Nutrients In Long Space Journeys

Researchers have found a way to recycle biological waste for extended space travel. Astronauts can use their urine and breath to make 3D printer polymers.

Space August 25, 2017

Moon Express Wants To Deliver Goods To The Moon And Beyond

Moon Express is closer than ever to winning Google's $20 million prize, but the company's ambitions go much further. It plans to be among the first companies to provide commercial transportation to the moon.

Space July 13, 2017

SpaceX's Second Falcon 9 Rocket Landing A Success: Blasts Into Space, Returns Within 48 Hours

SpaceX has successfully launched and landed a second Falcon 9 rocket just two days after a previous launch, which was also successful. SpaceX’s success in reusing rockets bodes significant things for aerospace engineering and space travel.

Space June 25, 2017

NASA Funds 22 Awesome Space Exploration Ideas: Here’s A Close Look At Them

NASA has funded 22 interstellar projects that could change the face and future of space exploration. Find out which projects received funding from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program.

Space April 13, 2017

There Will Be No Bathroom Breaks When You Take The Blue Origin Space Trip

Blue Origin founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said there will be no toilets installed in Blue Origin rockets. The space company plans to send people to space onboard the vessel New Shepard.

Space April 13, 2017

NASA Astronaut Breaks Record For Most Spacewalks By A Woman

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson broke the record of most spacewalks by a woman, logging in 53 hours and 22 minutes. The title was previously held by NASA astronaut Sunita Williams.

Space March 31, 2017

Galactic Easter Eggs: ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Contains SpaceX Program References

Upcoming open-world space shooter ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ will let you discover the hidden secrets of the Andromeda galaxy, including a hidden SpaceX spaceship. Discover this Easter Egg when ‘Andromeda’ launches on March 21.

Video Games March 17, 2017

Saturn's Moon Enceladus 'Tiger Stripes' Show Its Giant Ocean May Hold Alien Life

A new study has found that the southern polar region of Saturn’s ice-covered moon Enceladus is much warmer than expected. The study also states that the subsurface ocean may be closer to the surface than earlier thought to be.

Space March 17, 2017

LOOK: SpaceX Shares Amazing Photos Of Perfect Falcon 9 Landing

SpaceX starts off 2017 with a successful delivery of 10 Iridium satellites into low-Earth orbit, and perfectly lands Falcon 9 on a drone ship in the Pacific.

Space January 22, 2017

NASA Books More Astronaut Flights From SpaceX and Boeing: Here’s A Short History Of US Reliance On Russian Space Vehicles

Here’s a quick look at when NASA started relying on Russia to send its astronauts to the ISS, and its blooming arrangements with private space taxi providers like SpaceX and Boeing.

Space January 5, 2017

What Are The Prospects For Space Travel in 2017?

Here are some likely highlights for space travel and exploration this year according to NBC News, including Earth science probes, new SpaceX launches, and space-based internet.

Space January 3, 2017

Book A Holiday On The Moon For $10,000: Moon Express Founder Says Lunar Flights Possible By 2026

The moon could be the target destination of romantic couples ten years from now. Moon Express founder Naveen Jain said space tourists may possibly land on lunar surface for just $10,000.

Space December 4, 2016

Space Travel Shrinks, Weakens Spinal Muscles Of Astronauts Causing Back Pain And Injury

Astronauts experience back pain after traveling to space. Findings of a new study attribute this to the shrinking and weakening of the spinal muscles.

Space October 25, 2016

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Believes Outer Space Is The Next Internet

Traveling to outer space is what several big tech companies are moving to achieve in the next decade or more, and Amazon is right there in hopes to be among the few. Jeff Bezos, CEO of the company, believes space could become the next internet if all goes well.

Space October 21, 2016

China’s Shenzhou-11 Spacecraft Successfully Docks, Transports Two Chinese Astronauts To Tiangong-2 Space Lab

The Shenzhou-11 spacecraft has successfully docked at the Tiangong-2 space lab, confimed Chinese authorities. The state TV beamed live videos of the astronauts floating in zero gravity and entering the space lab through a designated pathway.

Space October 19, 2016

First Space Nation 'Asgardia' Announced

There’s a new nation in town and it’s the first one to be located in space. Full-fledged and fully independent, Asgardia aims to promote peace in space and bring commerce and science to the next level.

Space October 12, 2016

China Sets Sights On Building The Largest Spaceplane In The World

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology released a statement saying that it's aiming to build the largest spaceplane in the world. With that, the state-owned company will be able to accommodate up to 20 passengers in reusable rockets.

Space October 6, 2016

Blue Origin Delays New Shepard In-Flight Escape Test Due To Bad Weather

Blue Origin’s New Shepard was supposed to undergo a test using a capsule that simulates a real-life crisis condition. Because of the poor weather conditions, however, the test will be delayed a day.

Space October 4, 2016

NASA Successfully Test-Fires Engine For SLS Rocket

NASA succeeded in test-firing an RS-25 booster rocket for 420 seconds during a test the Stennis Space Center on Aug. 18. The former space shuttle engine will be used to power the Space Launch System rocket into deep space.

Space August 21, 2016

Apollo 11 Source Code That Took Astronauts To The Moon Lands On GitHub, Freely Available

GitHub recently received the full source code of the Apollo 11 manned mission to the Moon. Redditors were quick to pry it apart and revealed quite interesting bits of content from the space race era.

Space July 12, 2016

NASA Astronauts Virtually Train At Boeing For Future Commercial Spaceflight

NASA astronauts practiced on part-task trainers for Boeing's CST-100 Starliner, which will be used to train astronauts in all aspects of shuttle launch, flight, and docking. The training is in anticipation of future space travel.

Space April 28, 2016

What Is It Like For A Woman To Get Her Period In Space?

Researchers analyzed the menstrual cycle management options for female astronauts who want to prevent bleeding during their menstrual cycles while on space missions. It turns out menstrual bleeding is even more challenging in microgravity.

Space April 24, 2016

E-Sail Technology To Use Solar Wind For Interstellar Space Travel

NASA began testing an advanced solar sail propulsion system called HERTS E-sail on March 11. The system could help halve the time it takes to travel through interstellar space.

Space April 14, 2016

This Is How Virgin Galactic Makes Its Spaceship Unity Safer

Virgin Galactic assures that its new Spaceship Unity is much safer than its predecessor. The spaceflight company has tweaked a few safety features inside the new spaceship.

Space February 22, 2016

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Returns After 2014 Tragic Crash

Virgin Galactic returns to the scene with the unveiling of its SpaceShipTwo. The launch came more than a year after the tragic 2014 crash during one of the company's test flights.

Space February 20, 2016

Elon Musk On Nuking And Colonizing Mars, With A Potential WWIII Hindering Plans

In an interview, Elon Musk detailed his plans for space travel and Mars colonization. He unveiled SpaceX’s future projects, as well as his concerns that progress could slow down due to an international world war.

FUTURE TECH December 15, 2015

NASA Closer To Asteroid Hunt As Lockheed Martin Readies To Test OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft

Aerospace company Lockheed Martin announced the completed assembly of the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, which will travel to asteroid Bennu to get samples back to Earth. The samples from the $800 million mission will give scientists a peek into the solar system's origin and help study potential asteroid impacts.

Space October 24, 2015

To Mars And Back On One Fuel Tank: University Student Beats NASA Fuel-Efficiency Record

A two-way trip to Mars on one tank of fuel? It’s possible, according to a University of Sydney student who has developed an ion space drive to rival NASA’s.

Space September 23, 2015

Searching For Life On Mars With Stephen Gorevan Of Honeybee Robotics

Stephen Gorevan, chairman of Honeybee Robotics, a Brooklyn-based company best known for the work it’s done to equip NASA’s Mars rovers with robotic life-detection components, talks about aerospace technology and the future of space exploration.

Robotics July 23, 2015

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Sally Ride, First American Woman In Space

Google celebrates the 64th birth anniversary of American astronaut and physicist Sally Ride in a new Google Doodle. Ride made history on June 18, 1983 when she became the first American woman to travel into space.

Internet May 26, 2015

SpaceX's Retro Mars Posters Offer A Taste Of What Mars Travel Will Look Like In Future

Elon Musk's SpaceX has released three posters depicting Mars as an exotic tourist destination, showing various things that tourists on the red planet could do.

FUTURE TECH May 19, 2015

NASA Tests EM Drive With Promising Results

An electromagnetic propulsion drive has been successfully tested in a hard vacuum by NASA scientists. The development of EM Drive is a step toward faster-than-light travel.

Space May 2, 2015

Stephen Hawking Supports Colonizing Other Planets If Human Aggression Cannot Be Tempered

Space travel may be humanity's "life insurance," says famous physicist. If we don't tame our aggression and move outward into space, it could spell doom for humankind, he says.

February 22, 2015

Stephen Hawking: Space Travel Key To Survival While Human Aggression Threatens To Destroy Us All

Denouncing aggression and promoting empathy, Stephen Hawking shared what he believes to be the human race’s worst and best qualities and bolstered his support for space travel.

February 20, 2015

Scientists Concerned That Long Term Space Travel Will Speed Up Aging

Scientists suggest that long term space travel accelerates the aging process at least in mice. A similar effect may also be observed in humans.

Space February 4, 2015

The Effects Of Space Flight On The Immune System

Space flight can cause immune systems to react as if they are aging. What could this mean to the future of space travel?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 3, 2015

Ted Cruz Reminds NASA of Core Mission: Calls for End to Russian Dependence on Space Travel

Now at a position to oversee NASA, Ted Cruz is bent on bringing focus back to the agency’s core mission, pushing the U.S. back into the forefront of space travel.

Space January 15, 2015

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