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NASA's Spitzer Takes Stunning 'Family Photo' Of Cepheus Stars

NASA recently published a mosaic showing the Cepheus B and Cepheus C regions in space. The image featured young and evolved stars, all born from a single cloud of gas and dust.

Space June 1, 2019

Very Early Galaxies Shone Much Brighter Than Previous Expectations Says Researchers

Observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope revealed that some of the first galaxies in the universe are much brighter than newer galaxies. Researchers believe that this might provide clues about the Epoch of Reionization during the early universe.

Space May 14, 2019

NASA Finds Stellar Nursery Shaped Like A Butterfly

NASA published 'Space Butterfly,' a photo of a nebula from images captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope during its primary mission. According to NASA, hundreds of new stars are born in the nebula.

Space March 29, 2019

TRAPPIST-1 And Its 7 Earth-Sized Planets: Videos, Images, And Everything You Need To Know

Say hello to TRAPPIST-1, a star that's a lot younger than our sun, and the seven planets revolving around it. Here's how scientists discovered them using the Spitzer telescope, and check out what life could be like on these exoplanets.

Space February 24, 2017

Hubble Uncovers Secrets Of Black Hole Formation

Supermassive black holes form much faster than theories suggest they should. Now, astronomers using the world's most powerful space telescopes believe they know why.

Space May 25, 2016

Hubble And Spitzer Space Telescopes Spot Five Possible 'Twins' Of Superstar Eta Carinae

Scientists found five possible twins of Superstar Eta Carinae, the biggest and brightest stellar system in our galaxy within 10,000 light-years. A recent analysis of NASA's archival data from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes revealed Eta Carinae isn't so unique after all.

Space January 7, 2016

Hubble Eyes Atmospheric Mysteries Of 10 'Hot Jupiter'-Like Planets

Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes help solve mystery of 'missing' water on giant 'hot Jupiter' planets. The water's there, astronomers say, just hidden in the cloudy, hazy atmospheres of the distant exoplanets.

Space December 15, 2015

Massive Storm Seen Raging Across Surface Of A Distant Star

NASA space telescopes have spotted a dark, swirling storm on a relatively cool, distant star. The storm is similar to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter in our solar system, researchers say.

Space December 11, 2015

Hubble And Spitzer Space Telescopes Make 'Tag-Team' Discovery Of Farthest, Faintest Galaxy

A discovery could yield a new understanding of the formation of the universe's earliest galaxies, astronomers say. The galaxy is seen as it existed 13.8 billion years ago.

Space December 6, 2015

NASA Finds Super-Earth Just 21 Light Years Away: What We Know About HD 219134b

HD 219134b is only 21 light years away which makes it to date the nearest rocky exoplanet to Earth. It orbits around a star that is colder than our sun.

Space August 2, 2015

Scientists Find Nearest Rocky Exoplanet Ever Found

Using the Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA scientists have discovered a rocky exoplanet that is believed to be the closest one to the Earth. The new planet, dubbed HD 219134b, is approximately 1.6 times larger than the Earth and located around 21 light-years away.

Space July 31, 2015

Astronomers Looking Deep Into The Universe's Past Find Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen

Scientists see a galaxy so distant it provides a window stretching 13 billion years into the universe's past. The newly discovered galaxy is one of the brightest to have formed in the early universe, they say.

Space May 5, 2015

Newly Discovered Exoplanet Is The Most Distant Ever Detected

A space telescope used to discover the most distant exoplanet found so far could improve our mapping of planets in the Milky Way, astronomers say. The new planet is almost 13,000 light years from us, they report.

Space April 16, 2015

NASA Telescope Spots Gas Planet 13,000 Light Years Away Through Microlensing

By using a technique known as microlensing, scientists working with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and OGLE's Warsaw Telescope in Chile have found a gas planet about 13,000 light years away.

Space April 15, 2015

Crash! Boom! Bang! NASA Spitzer telescope spies asteroid smashup around young star

Alien worlds may be forming around a star called NGC 2547-ID8 and astronomers may have just seen evidence of the collision between two massive asteroids.

Space August 29, 2014

NASA's Spitzer Telescope captured asteroid collision

NASA's powerful Spitzer infrared telescope is watching the planet formation process happen in action after a series of asteroid collisions around a distant star.

Internet Culture August 29, 2014

Budget cut may force NASA to axe Spitzer and turn down MaxWISE proposal

Independent review of NASA missions and their funding brings some tough alternatives for the space agency. Some may have to be abandoned to save others.

Space May 25, 2014

Discovery of coldest 'brown dwarf' in sun's neighborhood leaves astronomers stone cold

The coldest star ever found is also one of the closest. Here is the story of a cold star with a long name, WISE J085510.83-071442.5.

Space April 28, 2014

Enjoy 360-degree panoramic view of Milky Way (thank you, NASA)

GLIMPSE360 is like Google Maps for the Milky Way galaxy. Here's how the interactive composite photo was created and how to use it.

Space March 22, 2014

Discovery of Galaxy Abell2744 Y1 on the edge of universe has made NASA giddy

The most distant galaxy ever seen has been photographed, seen as it was over 13 billion years ago. But how did astronomers use other galaxies to increase the powers of the world's most powerful space telescopes?

Space February 10, 2014

Collisions helped early galaxies spread out and grow

Astronomers have finally solved the mystery surrounding the evolution of compact elliptical galaxies.

Space January 30, 2014

Super freaky storms predicted for brown dwarfs

Based on new data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists believe that violent storms roil over the surface of brown dwarfs.

Space January 10, 2014

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