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Sponge Size Of Minivan Spotted In Deep Sea

The world's largest sponge has been spotted in the waters off Hawaii. What do we know of these strange, ancient creatures?

Animals May 27, 2016

Nanostructured Material Can Clean Up Oil Spills Fast With Sponge-Like Absorption Ability

Australian researchers created a nanostructured material that potentially cleans up oil spills. This "super sponge" discovery is promoted helpful in disasters such as the 2010 Gulf Coast BP oil spill.

Earth/Environment December 2, 2015

Scientists Create A Sponge For Soaking Up Oil Spills

It's kind of like a special version of the sponge under most folks' sink, only, you know, for oil. This one uses nanometer-thick flakes of boron nitride.

Earth/Environment December 1, 2015

The 3D-Printed Sponge Suit Bikini Lets You Clean The Ocean While Looking Sexy

A new wearable technology uniquely combines design with leisure along with a unique mission of contributing to solve environmental issues caused by water contaminants. Using a material known as Sponge, it won first place in the Reshape 2015 international design competition.

Wearable Tech October 13, 2015

Sponge-Like Implant Could Soak Up Cancer Cells To Stop Them From Spreading

In experiments with mice, the implantable sponge captured cancer cells and stopped them from spreading to other parts of the body where new tumors could grow.

Life September 11, 2015

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