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LOOK: Massive Volcano Eruption Seen From Space

An unexpected volcanic eruption from Raikoke Volcano sent ash and volcanic gases over the North Pacific Ocean. Even astronauts from the ISS had a chance to capture images of the volcano's rare eruption.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2019

Climate Change? Sun-Dimming Spray May Help Cool Down The Planet

Harvard scientists experiment on a new way of reversing climate change by spraying small packets of calcium carbonate into the stratosphere. The effect will dim the skies, similar to what happens after a volcanic eruption.

Earth/Environment December 6, 2018

Geoengineers Say Atmospheric Spraying Could Work To Reduce Global Warming

Injecting sulfates into the lower atmosphere every year could offset the warming effects by greenhouse gases. However, according to a new study, it would be very costly to carry out the project in addition to potential environmental consequences.

Earth/Environment November 23, 2018

Solar Geoengineering Aerosol May Be Able To Cool Earth, Fix Ozone Layer: Harvard Study

To control the faster warming of Earth, merely reducing greenhouse gases will not work. One more way is stratospheric cooling by using light-reflecting aerosols, according to a new study by Harvard researchers who are offering a risk-free aerosol application that will not hurt the ozone layer.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

NASA Super Pressure Balloon Begins Journey Around The Earth

The super pressure balloon of the U.S. space agency was launched on May 17 from New Zealand, fueling hopes that it will stay up there and travel around the globe for 100 days or more. Find out its mission involving the study of black holes and gamma rays.

Space May 20, 2016

Antarctic Ozone Hole Now The Size Of Russia, Canada Combined: Expansion Due To Cold, Says UN Climate Agency

United Nations said that the ozone hole has swelled up to the size of Russia and Canada combined. The reason for the hole expansion is due to meteorological conditions, including extreme cold temperatures.

Animals November 3, 2015

World View Successfully Tests Flight Of Balloon-Powered Spacecraft

World View Enterprises reports that it has completed the test flight of a scaled-down version of its balloon-powered passenger capsule at a site in northern Arizona over the weekend. The company said the successful testing of the model brings it one step closer to launching its near-space exploration service.

Animals October 28, 2015

NASA's Hubble Telescope Finds Distant Planet Has 'Sunscreen' Layer Of Atmosphere

Hubble spots a layer of atmosphere on a massive, boiling-hot exoplanet that works like Earth's stratosphere. The finding ends the debate about whether massive, burning-hot exoplanets could maintain such an atmosphere, researchers say.

Space June 11, 2015

NASA Researcher Records Strange 'Alien Sounds' From Space

Daniel Bowman, a graduate student from the University of North Carolina, was able to capture mysterious infra-sonic sounds using ultra-sensitive microphones attached to his research balloon. The study was part of the High Altitude Student Platform conducted by NASA and the Louisiana Space Consortium each year.

Space May 7, 2015

British Scientist Claims Alien Life Exists Just 25 Miles Above Earth

Milton Wainwright is at it again with his claims that aliens exist. This time, he makes a stronger – if similar – case for extraterrestrial life.

Space April 7, 2015

Comet Dust Found on Earth for First Time, Locked in Ice and Snow

Comet dust found in Antarctica could open up new worlds to researchers, but what can it tell us about life on Earth?

Space December 10, 2014

Dream Chaser drama: Sierra Nevada partners with Stratolaunch, challenges NASA

Sierra Nevada Corporation partners with Stratolaunch, files a lawsuit against NASA after not being awarded a contract. What is their plan to bring American astronauts back into space?

Space October 2, 2014

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