Qantas is inviting everyone to join and board the flight with its B787 Dreamliner for Supermoon 2021 on May 26, especially as the moon would go to a blood lunar eclipse phase and see it closer than ever. The company boasts of the 787's windows as the largest passenger aircraft windows globally, meaning that flyers would see the moon better.

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While going to space is not yet a commercial thing to do, this is the closest cosmic experience that a person could get in 2021, as it centers on the Moon's phenomenon of being covered by the Earth's shadow. This Supermoon is the second and last for 2021. It would also take on the form of the Blood Moon and line up with the Earth and Sun on the 26th.

Going to the moon has been the lifelong dream of many children and aspiring astronauts, especially as it is the closest celestial object to the planet that can be reached and experience what's it like outside the Earth. Several companies are trying to commercialize travel to the Moon, including Orbite which offers interstellar training, and soon, Blue Origins with its New Shepard spacecraft. 

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Supermoon 2021: Qantas Offers 'Moongazing Flight' on May 26

Qantas B787 Dreamline
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Blue Origins opt for the Moon, SpaceX aims for Mars, but the closest an airline can get a person to a cosmic event is by flying to the clouds, allowing passengers to see the phenomenon closer than from the ground. It is what Qantas plans on May 26, and the Australia-based airline company aims to make it happen for a fee once the Supermoon peaks. 

Qantas is known for many things, including being the world's third oldest airline operating since 1920, but this is the first time the company is planning to do something like this during a cosmic event. The company will offer a seat and an open bar for in-flight cocktails in the fully operational flight onboard the B787 Dreamline on the 26th. 

The blood moon lunar eclipse of 2021 is a rare occurrence, especially as it would be in the shades of red but get covered by the Earth's shadow. 

How to Secure a Seat in Qantas Moongazing Flight?

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Unfortunately, as of Wednesday, May 19, the landing site of Qantas' "Moongazing Flight" or "Fly Me to the Supermoon" is already closed and fully booked. The flight would only happen once, and Qantas will utilize only one Dreamline to fly to the skies and give people a closer look at the Supermoon's eclipse phenomenon. 

Surely, other cosmic events of this proportions would push different airline companies like Qantas to hold over a special event like these and give people a chance to view the phenomenon closer than from the ground.

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