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Russian Television Airs 'Arma-3' Gameplay As Syrian War Footage

Russian television recently aired some footage of the ongoing Syrian War. The problem with the footage is that it wasn't real, as it aired gameplay from the computer game 'Arma-3.'

Video Games February 26, 2018

DJI's No-Fly Zones For Its Drones Now Include Huge Parts Of Iraq And Syria

Drone maker DJI has added parts of war-torn Iraq and Syria in its list of no-fly zones. The move came in light of news of terrorist organizations using drones as improvised weapons in the said countries.

Safety & Regulations April 27, 2017

President Donald Trump Suspends Syrian Refugee Program Indefinitely, Bans US Visa For Nationals Of Six Other Countries

New measures advocated by Donald Trump's executive orders suspend the refugee program for Syrians indefinitely. The directive also bans issuance of U.S. visas for nationals of six other countries for 90 days.

Life & Style January 28, 2017

Islamic State Destroys Monuments In Palmyra, Kills Dozen Captives On Ancient Site: Syria Report

A wake of destruction and death continues to grip Syria as Islamic State regains control of Palmyra. Reports of further damage to ancient sites and lost lives continue to come in.

Ancient January 22, 2017

Meet Jim Estill, The CEO Who Put Up $1.5 Million To Give 200 Syrian Refugees A New Life

In 2015, a businessman pledged to donate $1.5 million in cash to help relocate 50 Syrian families in Canada. Today, the Order of Ontario was awarded to Jim Estill in recognition of his humanitarian support.

Business Tech December 25, 2016

Save Syria's History: These Majestic Sights Are In Danger Of Total Destruction Due To War

The tragedy of war has overtaken Syria. In this decade alone, four cultural sites -- once majestic -- continue to face the threat of destruction in this historical country.

Ancient December 18, 2016

Aleppo Under Siege: Syrians Cry Out For Help With Heartbreaking Posts On Twitter

Aleppo civilians use Twitter to say their goodbyes after government forces approach the war-torn city. One girl in particular, Bana Alabed, has caught the attention of the world with her devastating tweets.

Internet December 14, 2016

Ancient City Of Palmyra Retains Authenticity, Integrity Despite Destruction: UNESCO

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was visited by UNESCO as part of a technical rapid assessment mission to take preliminary stock of its destruction. The World Heritage site fell under a year-long invasion by Islamic State terrorists (ISIS).

Ancient April 30, 2016

Obama Rallies World Leaders To Unite And Confront ISIS

President Obama addresses the importance of world leaders coming together as a united front to eradicate terrorism. The president defends the aggressive stance taken by the U.S., stating the action has already started to shake the Islamic State foundation.

Society April 3, 2016

US Forces Kill ISIS No. 2 Haji Imam, Pentagon Confirms

The Pentagon has confirmed that the United States special operations forces have killed ISIS No. 2 in command Haji Imam. Other top leaders of the Islamic State have also been targeted in recently launched operations.

Society March 26, 2016

Drought That Triggered Syrian Civil War Is Worst In 900 Years: Study

The drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean Levant region is the worst one since 1100. This may have led to the devastating Syrian civil war.

Earth/Environment March 3, 2016

Flesh Eating Disease Leishmaniasis Spreads In War-Torn Syria

Currently spreading in ISIS-controlled areas in Syria, leishmaniasis is primarily transferred by bugs feeding on rotting corpses on the streets. A recent WHO report on Syria said that aid agencies are scrambling to help over 13 million Syrians immediately.

Life December 13, 2015

ISIS Capable Of Printing Fake Syrian Passports: US Intel

A government spokesperson confirmed the contents of a new U.S. intelligence report warning that ISIS can create fake Syrian passports. The report focused on the potential threat of militants using fake documents to enter the United States.

Society December 12, 2015

8-Year-Old Wants To Sponsor Syrian Refugee Family For Birthday

Eight-year-old Addie Tinholt from Canada has just one birthday wish -- to be able to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. The young lady has been meeting with her local politicians to raise funds and awareness for her cause.

Internet Culture October 6, 2015

Google Pledges To Match Donations Up To $5.5 Million For Syrian Refugees

Google promises to match the first $5.5 million worth of donations at, until a total of $11 million is raised.

Society September 23, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Apple Will Pitch In To Help Syrian Refugees

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a pledge to help alleviate the situation of the refugee crisis in Europe by making a ‘substantial donation’ to the relief agencies involved.

Money September 20, 2015

ABC News Ventures Into Using VR For Immersive Journalism

For the first time ever, ABC News has created a virtual reality, immersive journalism piece, taking viewers through Damascus, Syria. The piece is the first of what is expected to be many for ABC News.

Business September 18, 2015

Almost Extinct Northern Bald Ibises Face Bleak Future Following ISIS Attack Of Palmyra

Following the attack of ISIS militants of Palmyra in Syria, the extremely rare northern bald ibises are now in danger of extinction. Caretakers of birds held in captivity were forced to flee because of the attack.

Animals May 26, 2015

How Climate Change Tipped Syria Into A Civil War

The Syrian Civil War may have been fueled, in part, by global warming. How could this happen?

Earth/Environment March 2, 2015

Kayla Mueller Honored By Hometown With Candlelight Vigil

Hundreds gathered to mourn the death of Kayla Mueller. The 26-year-old humanitarian worker was killed while in captivity by the Islamic State.

Feature February 19, 2015

Jihadi quest of Colorado girls worries parents, community

Teens are impressionable, making them ideal targets for extremists recruiting people into their fold. Recruiters have also become bolder in their effort, contacting teens directly online.

Society October 31, 2014

ISIS more powerful than al-Qaeda: Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compares the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with al-Qaeda and expresses that the new militant group poses a bigger threat.

Society October 10, 2014

FBI zeroes in on substantial leads to identify masked man on ISIS propaganda video

The FBI has received a significant number of tips from people online to aid in the identification of a masked man in an ISIS propaganda video that has a North American accent.

Society October 9, 2014

Post 9/11: Americans feel less safe now than they did before 2001

According to a new poll, most registered voters feel less safe now than they did before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. President Obama addressed his military plan regarding the extremists in Syria and Iraq on Wednesday night.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Islamic militant group releases beheading video of Steven Sotloff

Steven Sotloff’s beheading video was released by the Islamic State for all the world to see. How will the United States react as another American falls in the hands of the militant group?

Society September 3, 2014

Colorado nurse arrested after plotting terrorism with fiancé on social networks

How does a 19-year-old go from average teenager to intended terrorist? The story of Shannon Conley makes for a fascinating case study.

Life July 3, 2014

Global Peace Index: Iceland on top, Syria last. U.S. out of top 100

Global Peace Index shows Iceland as the most peaceful country and Syria as the least peaceful. U.S. does not feature in the top 100 peaceful countries of the world.

Society June 21, 2014

After Twitter, Turkey shuts down YouTube following audio leak about Syria: What's next?

While the earlier Twitter ban was prompted by content that link the prime minister and his colleagues to corruption, the move to block out YouTube appears to have something to do with with a move against Syria.

Internet March 28, 2014

European Cyber Army claims credit for Syrian web outage

A rebel hacker group locked in cyber battle with a pro-government web organization, claimed it took down Syria's Internet connection as payback for another attack, but this is disputed by the government. The seven-hour web outage in Syria yesterday is just the latest in a series of cyber attacks associated with that country's on-going civil war.

Internet March 21, 2014

Hidden camera spying on freezing boy in Norway shows there's hope in humanity after all

A new video recorded by a hidden camera that shows strangers coming to the aid of a boy shivering in the cold, has gone viral and reveals that there are still people who do care and are compassionate enough to help children who are in need.

Society February 23, 2014

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