TESS Mission Finally Discovers Its First Earth-Sized Exoplanet

The TESS mission is now considered a "bridge to the future," according to astronomers. After its first discovery, it will continue to search for more exoplanets outside the solar system.

Space April 23, 2019

New TESS Mission Data Shows Evidence Of Large Saturn-Sized Exoplanet

Astronomers identified one of the first exoplanets that TESS, NASA's Kepler replacement, have discovered since its launch last year. The new exoplanet was described as a "hot Saturn" that is about 5 billion years old.

Space March 30, 2019

Astronomers Announce New List Of Stars That Could Be Home To Earth-Like Planets

A team of astronomers has identified nearly 2,000 exoplanets that are similar to Earth in size and irradiation. They believe that the catalog will aid in finding habitable planets outside of the Solar System.

Space March 27, 2019

NASA TESS Spacecraft Finds Host Of Strange And Bizarre Worlds

TESS, the successor of Kepler has already found hundreds of possible planets outside of the solar system and identified at least eight. Among its recent discoveries is an oddball planet that has a stretched-out orbit.

Space January 8, 2019

All Data Collected By Kepler Now Publicly Available

MAST promised to continue hosting the troves of data that Kepler has collected since its launch in 2009. The spacecraft has aided scientists in the search for Earth-like planets outside of the solar system.

Space November 3, 2018

Kepler Space Telescope Officially Retired After Running Out of Fuel

NASA has announced that the planet-hunting spacecraft, Kepler, has run out of fuel after nine years in deep space. Its replacement, TESS, was launched earlier this year and will begin a new survey of the sky to find exoplanets.

Space November 1, 2018

NASA's Planet Hunting TESS Beams Back 'First Light' Image

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS sent back its "first light," the first official photograph captured a few months after launch. The space telescope replaced Kepler which is expected to retire this year.

Earth/Environment September 19, 2018

NASA Planet Hunter Satellite Kepler Wakes Up From Its Slumber

Kepler woke up from slumber after it went to sleep mode last month. The space telescope, which has discovered over 2,000 exoplanets, has begun its 19th and possibly final campaign as it runs out of fuel.

Space September 7, 2018

Discovery Of Water-Worlds Increases Chances Of Finding Alien Life

A group of Harvard Scientists found that there are exoplanets that contained more water than Earth. The scientists said these water-worlds are bigger than our planet, suggesting that they could also support life just like Earth.

Space August 18, 2018

Out Of Fuel And Nearing End Of Mission, What’s Next For Kepler Telescope?

Kepler space telescope will soon rest for good as it’s almost out of fuel and already forced into hibernation. What’s in store for the planet hunter with its remaining data and observation campaign?

July 11, 2018

NASA Places Kepler In Hibernation Mode As Space Telescope Is Running Out Of Fuel

NASA has placed Kepler Space Telescope in hibernation safe mode after the mission team was notified that the spacecraft's fuel is running very low. Kepler is set to wake up in August for the Deep Space Network time.

Space July 7, 2018

NASA Exoplanet Hunter TESS Takes Test Image As It Gets Gravity Boost From The Moon

NASA's exoplanet hunting spacecraft TESS snapped a photograph as it made its way pay the moon, thanks to a gravity assist. TESS will be hunting for exoplanets and is expected to find thousands.

Space May 18, 2018

SpaceX Takes Off With NASA Planet-Hunter TESS: How Is TESS Different From Kepler Telescope?

NASA has launched the TESS telescope on April 18 aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. TESS is set out to focus on some 200,000 stars in search for exoplanets capable of sustaining life.

Space April 19, 2018

NASA And SpaceX Postpone Launch Of Exoplanet-Hunting TESS

SpaceX announced that it needed to perform further analysis on TESS, thereby postponing its launch to April 18. NASA assured that the spacecraft remains ready for takeoff on its new scheduled date.

Space April 17, 2018

SpaceX Falcon 9 To Launch NASA's New Planet-Hunting Spacecraft TESS

SpaceX and NASA announced the details of the April 16 launch of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The TESS will be on a two-year mission to scan the skies and find planets outside the Earth's solar system.

Space April 14, 2018

NASA Will Soon Launch TESS: The Kepler Successor Will Look For Earth 2.0 And Alien Life

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, will launch on April 16. The TESS mission is the next attempt of NASA to search for exoplanets, continuing the work of the Kepler space telescope.

Space April 9, 2018

With The Launch Of TESS, NASA Heads Into 'New Era Of Exoplanet Research'

NASA hopes to find even more Earth-sized exoplanets with its forthcoming TESS mission. The new satellite will continue the work of the Kepler Space Telescope, which is expected to run out of fuel soon.

Space March 29, 2018

Meet NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite: What’s The TESS Mission Up To?

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission will be a groundbreaking one. It will be going after bright stars to look for rocky planets like Earth and Venus.

Space October 10, 2016

The Current and Future Toolkit for Finding Alien Worlds

Alien life could soon be found by astronomers, as a new lineup of tools become available to astronomers. What new instruments could be used to find life around other stars?

Space January 13, 2015

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