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Humans Can 'Smell' Odors With Their Tongue, Study Finds

A new study revealed that humans can detect the "smell" of odors using their tongue. Researchers from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia explained that this happens because of certain receptors.

Neuroscience April 24, 2019

Scientists Figure Out How Scratchy Tongues Keep Cats Clean

Scientists found that cats have the world's best detanglers. In a new study, scientists from Georgia Tech looked at the spines on tongues of cats to answer why they are so effective at cleaning dirt or flea from fur.

Animals November 23, 2018

Study Proves That The T. Rex Could Not Stick Its Tongue Out Because It Was Stuck In Its Mouth

Scientists revealed that many dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, could not stick their tongues out. They examined the hyoid fossils of dinosaurs to determine this.

Animals June 20, 2018

Super-Sticky Secret: Chameleon's Viscous Saliva Helps Trap Preys [Video]

Chameleons never wrap their tongue around their preys during hunting, but they are still vicious predators. New research suggests that it's all thanks to a mucus produced by their tongue.

Animals June 21, 2016

Your Tongue, Tonsils Can Be Reason For Your Sleep Problems

Having large-sized tongue and tonsils may be the reason why some people suffer from sleep problems. Experts said dentists may be given a critical role in assessing which patients may be at a high risk of developing sleep problems such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Life March 10, 2016

Playing Fetch Not Good For Dogs: Throwing Sticks May Cause Life-Threatening Injuries, Vets Warn

Dogs face potentially life-threatening injuries when playing fetch. Lead veterinarians warn dog owners about the dangers of the game as an increasing number of dog injuries were reported.

Life January 21, 2016

Training Taste Buds To Be More Sensitive To Fat May Help Combat Obesity

A team of sensory scientists from Australia discovered that training the taste buds could help curb the growing problem of obesity. The researchers found that diet is key to changing an individual's sensitivity to the taste of fat.

Life January 18, 2016

FDA Approves BrainPort V100, A Gadget That Helps Blind People See With Their Tongues

The FDA gave the green signal to BrainPort V100, technology designed to aid blind people in seeing with their tongues.

June 21, 2015

Horned frog sticky tongue may teach us a thing or two about super adhesive

Frog tongues are able to pull on prey with more than the force of the animal doing the hunting. Now, researchers want to know why.

Animals June 16, 2014

Here's why you don't bite your tongue while chewing

Researchers used a special form of rabies virus to better understand why we seldom bite our tongue when we eat, whether or not we pay attention to out chewing movement.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2014

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