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Tsunami That Hit Alaska 3 Years Ago Was Caused By Melting Glacier

A new study assessed the debris left by the massive tsunami that hit Alaska three years ago. Researchers warned that more tsunamis might happen as global warming causes a glacial retreat, rising bodies of water, and permafrost thawing.

Earth/Environment September 8, 2018

AccuWeather Makes Error Sending Tsunami Warnings Across East Coast

A false tsunami warning was sent out throughout the East Coast Tuesday morning (Feb. 6). There was an issue with the AccuWeather app that was supposed be conducting a test.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2018

LOOK: This 6000-Year-Old Human Skull Belonged To Oldest Known Tsunami Victim

An ancient skull found in Papua New Guinea in 1929 is believed to be the world's oldest known tsunami victim. Where is the rest of its body?

Ancient October 28, 2017

Sea Creatures From Japan Traveled To US Shores On Tsunami Debris

Almost 300 non-native sea creatures have landed in North American and Hawaiian coasts since the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. Their survival was largely aided by plastic wastes in the ocean.

Earth/Environment September 29, 2017

Asteroid Ocean Impact Wrongly Depicted In Hollywood Movies: Study

Hollywood movies tend to show massive waves that can wipe out coastal cities when an asteroid crashes into the ocean. Simulations revealed this is not exactly what would happen when real asteroids crash into Earth.

Space April 18, 2017

Impact Crater Linked To Powerful Tsunamis On Mars: Another Proof Of An Ancient Ocean?

New research points to the Lomonosov crater as a potential evidence of strong tsunamis sweeping across part of Mars some 3 billion years ago. Is this another proof that oceans indeed once flowed on the ancient planet?

Space March 26, 2017

Ancient Underwater Landslide Triggered 8-Story High Tsunami Near Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The Gloria Knolls Slide, an undersea landslide that occurred more than 300,000 years ago, produced underwater hills and may have triggered powerful tsunami. The Great Barrier Reef may have dampened the impact of the waves.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2017

Powerful Earthquake Rocks New Zealand: Thousands Stranded, Two Dead, Local Tsunami And The Latest Updates

A powerful quake with intensity 7.8 in Richter scale hits New Zealand’s Southern Islands in the wee hours of Monday, and the aftershocks continued late into the day. Killing two people, it wrought heavy destruction to buildings, bridges and roads with a Tsunami warning let out.

Earth/Environment November 14, 2016

Time Reverse Imaging Method Can Give Coastal Cities Early Tsunami Warning

Scientists have developed a new algorithm that can predict if a tsunami is going to hit a coastal city. The system makes use of previous data along with those from ocean sensors to map out the movement of a tsunami.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2016

Hawaii Is At Risk Of Devastating Tsunami: Is The State Prepared?

Hawaii is threatened to be hit by a devastating tsunami, which is in turn triggered by a mega-earthquake in the Aleutian islands. Although the probability is low, is the state prepared?

Earth/Environment May 16, 2016

Hawaii Due For Devastating Tsunami Within 50 Years Amid Prediction Of Mega-Earthquake In Aleutians

A magnitude 9 earthquake could strike the Aleutian Islands in the next 50 years and bring about a devastating Hawaii tsunami, warned experts who used a new computer model combining fault system measurements with Bayesian probability models.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake: At Least 272 Killed, More Than 2,500 Injured

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific coast of Ecuador and was felt around the country on Saturday, April 16. Rescue officials are working non-stop to help the victims and treat the injured.

Society April 18, 2016

Radioactive Wild Boars Flourish In Fukushima Farmland

The population of radioactive wild boars has increased rapidly in Fukushima five years after the tsunami disaster. Many believe that these boars have eaten contaminated materials that made them not suitable for human consumption.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2016

Magnitude-6.9 Earthquake Hits Off The South Pacific Island Nation Of Vanuatu

Vanuatu was struck by a magnitude-6.9 earthquake. Authorities said that possible tsunami threats have now mostly passed.

Animals April 4, 2016

Sound Waves In Deep Ocean May Help Predict Tsunami

MIT researchers found a new and more reliable source of acoustic-gravity waves: surface-gravity waves. The study hopes to use the waves to predict tsunamis and potentially save lives.

Animals March 2, 2016

New MIT Prediction Tool Can Warn Sailors Of Incoming Sea Rogue Waves

Rogue waves are very hard to predict because it needs very sophisticated and expensive equipment capable of determining when they are possible to arrive. MIT scientists figured a faster and cheaper way to predict these killer waves.

Earth/Environment February 27, 2016

USGS Finally Solves Mystery Of Alaska Tsunami That Destroyed A Remote Village In 1964

Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey have uncovered a large complex of underwater landslides near Dangerous Passage in Alaska. The mapping of the seafloor may explain the cause of the massive tsunami that wiped out the village of Chenega during the Great Alaska Earthquake in 1964.

Animals February 2, 2016

Japanese Researchers Conduct Artificial Earthquake In Volcano To Improve Prediction Of Volcanic Eruptions

The artificial quake took place on Mount Zao, which is straddling Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures. It is an active volcano that exhibit more tremors since the magnitude-9 Japan earthquake that struck in March 2011.

Animals October 23, 2015

Scientists Discover Prehistoric Tsunami Nearly As High As Paris' Eiffel Tower: Could It Happen Again?

Large boulders found in Santiago Island, 34 miles from Fogo Volcano, suggest of a megatsunami that generated 800 foot-waves, or nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower. The impact of such an event happening again in the future could be catastrophic.

Animals October 5, 2015

800-Foot High Megatsunami Swallowed Ancient Island In Africa 73,000 Years Ago

Researchers were able to discover that the large boulders on Cape Verde island were propelled by an 800-foot high megatsunami that happened 73,000 years ago. Despite the findings, the authors of the study emphasized that such events are not typical but still warrant close volcanic monitoring.

Earth/Environment October 4, 2015

Megatsunamis Are Real And Here's Why You Should Be Afraid - Very Afraid

According to a new study, scientists suggest that a megatsunami could have occurred 73,000 years ago, reaching up to a massive 900 feet and hurling massive boulders onto a cliff on Cape Verde's Santiago Island.

Animals October 3, 2015

20,000 Residents Flee As Small Tsunami Waves Hit Japanese Coastal Areas

A tsunami advisory has been issued for the entire east coast of Japan. Some 20,000 residents have been evacuated to higher ground.

Society September 18, 2015

Future Quake In Southern California Could Put Two Cities At Risk From Tsunami

Seismologists devised a model to demonstrate how an earthquake could lead to a tsunami that can reach Ventura and Oxnard in more or less 30 minutes. The researchers did not predict any future earthquake, but emphasize what could happen if at any time it does occur.

Animals August 22, 2015

A Metal Capsule Might Be Key To Tsunami Survival

Nope, that's not a Pokemon ball — just the latest development in survivalist technology that could save your life during a tsunami.

July 2, 2015

Experts Concerned That An Asteroid Tsunami Could 'Kill Hundreds Of Thousands' In British Coast

Tsunami is one of the most devastating effects of an asteroid impact. Now, experts said that such event could kills thousands of people who live in UK's coastal regions.

Animals July 1, 2015

Biggest Earthquakes To Hit California: What Hit Us Before And What To Expect

California has had a number of big earhquakes that claimed lives and destroyed properties in the past. Researchers now warn of the possibility of an undersea tremor that could spell tsunami disasters for the state.

Animals June 2, 2015

Invasive Species From Japan Reaches Washington Via Tsunami Debris

Officials from Washington's fish and wildlife department warn that debris from the tsunami disaster in Japan continue to be washed ashore in the United States. They believe some of these objects contain different invasive species that could pose a potential threat to the environment.

Earth/Environment June 2, 2015

Forget 'San Andreas'! Southern California Faces Real Earthquake and Tsunami Threat

A system of faults off the Southern California coast presents a real risk of earthquakes that could send tsunamis heading toward the shore, researchers say. Although overshadowed by the San Andreas Fault, they believe these deserve close study.

Animals June 1, 2015

Seismologist Says Science Used In Movie 'San Andreas' May Not Be Entirely Accurate

A seismologist went on to see 'San Andreas,' a new science fiction earthquake movie starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. She explained the exaggerated parts and pointed out the facts about the film.

Movies/TV Shows May 30, 2015

Oregon Officials Monitoring Possible Tsunami Debris Floating Near Seal Rock

Four years after a massive tsunami hit Japan, debris from the country are still being discovered, one of which is the hull of a fiberglass boat. Aside from trash, debris also usually introduce potentially invasive species to the ecosystem.

Earth/Environment April 10, 2015

How Quickly Did Fukushima Radiation Reach North America, And When Will It Peak?

Scientists track radiation plume from Fukushima nuclear disaster, time its arrival off North American coast. Radiation levels have yet to peak, they say, but will remain below dangerous levels.

Earth/Environment January 2, 2015

Radiation from Fukushima, Japan found 100 miles off California coast. Should you worry?

Japan will never forget the events of 2011, most especially when radiation threat continues to linger from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Now, radiation has been detected in the waters of California.

Life November 12, 2014

Discovery of destructive force of 500-year-old monster tsunami in Hawaii sinkhole hints at future danger

A monster tsunami that ravaged Hawaii about 500 years ago was three times more powerful than the 1946 Hawaiian tsunami that killed hundreds of people. Experts said there is a small probability that such a destructive event could happen again.

Animals October 22, 2014

'Monster tsunami' evidence uncovered in Hawaii is a bad omen

A monster tsunami struck Hawaii 500 years ago, and such an event could happen again, according to researchers.

Animals October 21, 2014

Facebook Safety Check will come in handy during natural disasters. Here's how to use it

Facebook rolls out its latest feature called 'Safety Check.' As the name implies, the feature allows users to notify friends and family of their safety status when disaster strikes.

Internet October 20, 2014

Daughter thought to be dead reunited with family 10 years after tsunami

After a family lost hope of finding their missing daughter, the girl was reunited with her family after surviving the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia. The family plans to look for her brother, who also survived being swept away to a remote island.

Internet Culture August 9, 2014

Seismic ocean blasting experiment along East Coast may pose threat to marine ecology

Seismic guns firing off the east coast of the United States could have save people from tsunamis, but what will be their effect on marine wildlife?

Earth/Environment July 29, 2014

Floating nuclear plants may withstand dangerous tsunamis

Nuclear power plants built on floating ocean platforms could survive earthquakes and tsunamis, researchers say. Surrounding seawater could cool fuel rods and prevent any meltdowns.

Energy April 17, 2014

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