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Experimental Treatment Could Slow Down Type 1 Diabetes In High-Risk Individuals

An experimental drug was able to slow down the progression of type 1 diabetes, an inherited disease, among high-risk patients in a small clinical trial. This is the first to show that type 1 diabetes can be delayed.

Medicine June 11, 2019

Price Of Insulin Almost Doubled Over A 5-Year Time Frame

Prices of insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, according to a study, and usage of the medication only rose to 3 percent. This is a nod to the growing number of people airing their grievances to the soaring costs.

Medicine January 22, 2019

Fifth Grader With Diabetes Dies After Dramatic Blood Sugar Drop During Sleepover At A Friend's House

Sophia Daugherty dealt with Type 1 diabetes her entire life. Last Wednesday, she died of complications just days after her blood sugar dramatically dropped at a sleepover.

Feature | Health September 21, 2018

Mothers With Diabetes Are More Likely To Have Autistic Children, New Study Suggest

A team of researchers from Southern California suggested that women who have any form of diabetes while pregnant are at a higher risk of having a child with autism. The study examined over 400,000 children that were born between 1995 and 2012.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2018

Low Carb Diet Foods May Help With Type 1 Diabetes Treatment By Improving Blood Sugar Level

A new study suggested that people who suffer from type 1 diabetes could follow a low-carb diet. The diet could possibly help improve blood sugar levels and lessen complications that stem from the disorder.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 7, 2018

'High Risk' Diabetic Woman Who Went Missing Found Safe

A diabetic woman was found after being reported missing. Though diabetes is associated with high blood sugar, there are also dangers associated with patients having low blood sugar.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2018

Second Grade Students Work Together To Support Classmate With Diabetes

A class of second-grade students worked on a project together to create purse designs for their classmate's diabetes apparatus. The children even made a belt design when they realized that boys could also get type 1 diabetes.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 15, 2018

Researchers Propose Five Clusters Of Diabetes Instead Of Two Types

Instead of the current classification of diabetes, researchers of a new study are proposing five clusters of diabetes. It is more specific and could lead to more targeted treatments for patients.

Medicine March 3, 2018

How BCG Vaccine Works To Stimulate The Reversal Of Type-1 Diabetes

Researchers present evidence that repeated administration of BCG vaccine can reverse Type-1 diabetes. Phase II of clinical trials to prevent and treat advanced diabetes is underway.

Medicine June 11, 2017

How To Know If You Have Diabetes: Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For

Do you have diabetes? Learn more about some of the most common signs and symptoms of diabetes that you should be on the lookout for.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 9, 2017

'Medicinal Food' Diet Is Effective Against Diabetes: Study

Researchers have found a natural diet that could treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. However, more research has to be carried out to reach a clear conclusion. The diet should also be prescribed by nutritionists.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 30, 2017

Stream Mary Tyler Moore PBS Documentary 'A Celebration' Now, Along With Upcoming TV Series Marathons

Iconic TV actress Mary Tyler Moore has died at age 80. In tribute, fans can stream a recent PBS documentary on the star free on demand online, as well as view several broadcast marathons of her hit sitcom.

Celebrities January 27, 2017

Malaria Drug Artemisinin Spurs Cells To Produce Insulin, Shows Promise As Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Malaria drug was found to reverse alpha cells into beta cells, which contributes to the body's capacity to produce insulin. Future research will establish if this formula could treat type 1 diabetes.

Medicine December 3, 2016

FDA Approves First Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetes Patients To Monitor Blood Sugar, Deliver Insulin

The FDA gave its approval to Medtronic's MiniMed 670G, the first automated insulin delivery system for type 1 diabetes patients. The artificial pancreas could automatically monitor and regulate blood sugar levels.

Biotech September 28, 2016

Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetics Hopefully Ready In 2 Years

The first artificial pancreas in the world could hit the market as soon as 2018, concluded UK researchers in a new review. Note, however, that this device that could vastly benefit type 1 diabetes patients is still facing several challenges.

Medicine July 5, 2016

This Is How Dogs Help Detect Diabetes In Patients

Here's another reason why dogs are wonderful: new research affirms that dogs can be trained to help detect diabetes in patients. The secret lies in their superior sense of smell.

Public Health June 27, 2016

Newborns Who Catch Cold, Flu Within 6 Months At Increased Risk For Type 1 Diabetes

Children are more susceptible to developing type 1 diabetes later in life when they contract a cold or flu during their first 6 months, a new study suggests. Infections that occur beyond this period don't produce the same effect.

Public Health May 9, 2016

New Trial Aims To Prevent Type 1 Diabetes In Children

The battle against diabetes continues, as a major trial in Scotland aims to prevent type 1 diabetes in children. Researchers will test an alternative theory to prevent the disease's development using metformin, a type 2 diabetes drug.

Life April 20, 2016

Transplant Of Insulin-Making Pancreas Cells May Correct Type 1 Diabetes

Transplanting pancreatic islets – clusters containing insulin-making cells – showed effective for type 1 diabetes patients undergoing severe hypoglycemia. These new findings fuel hope for regulatory approval of islet transplantation in the United States.

Life April 19, 2016

Diabetes Now Affects Nearly One In 11 Adults Worldwide: WHO

Diabetes cases have soared from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. WHO called for efforts to curb rising incidence of the chronic disease.

April 7, 2016

Cost Of Insulin For Diabetes More Than Doubles In Just A Decade

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased over the years. The cost of insulin has also increased by nearly 200 percent in about a decade.

Life April 6, 2016

New Blood Test Detects Multiple Diseases Using DNA

A blood test still in its early stages is poised to detect a range of diseases, including cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It is based on next-generation DNA sequencing, using signatures of DNA coming from dying cells.

Life March 17, 2016

Service Dog Named Jedi Saves Life Of Young Master Luke With Type 1 Diabetes

A service dog named Jedi saved the life of a little boy named Luke who has type 1 diabetes. The dog has the ability to detect whether Luke's blood sugar levels become dangerously low and to report this to the boy's parents.

Life March 10, 2016

New Class Of Antigens May Trigger Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers from Denver have identified a new class of antigens that may be contributing to the development of type 1 diabetes. Their study was funded by the American Diabetes Association.

Life February 12, 2016

Artificial Pancreas Effective For Teens With Type 1 Diabetes

A newly developed closed-loop insulin delivery system has been shown to be more effective at keeping blood sugar levels low in young patients with type 1 diabetes. The device makes use of a smartphone app to monitor the patient's glucose and automatically delivers insulin when needed.

Life February 5, 2016

Buh-bye Insulin Injections? Encapsulated Pancreatic Cells Could Cure Diabetes For Up To Six Months

Researchers from MIT, Harvard University and other scientific organizations have developed a new technology that would allow insulin-producing beta cells to be implanted into the body. The device effectively protects these cells from immune system attacks.

Life January 27, 2016

Treating Diabetes With Cell Transplants

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe they have found the closest thing to a cure to Type I diabetes yet - at least one that acts as an alternative to routine insulin injections.

January 26, 2016

If This Smartphone 'Pancreas' Works, Then Type 1 Diabetes Patients Can Say Goodbye To Needles

American researchers created a 'smartphone pancreas' that monitors blood sugar levels automatically and sends reports to an accompanying app. The new system comes with a wearable insulin pump that routinely injects insulin using tiny needles.

Life January 12, 2016

Seaweed Capsules May Help Diabetes Patients Lead Insulin Injection-Free Life

A breakthrough hydrogel seaweed capsule may spare diabetes patients from insulin injections. The new cryopreservation method removes the possibility of ice damage, requires no major surgery and eliminates the need for immunosuppressant drugs.

Life January 2, 2016

New Nasal Spray May Give Diabetes Patients Faster Low Blood Sugar Treatment

Clinical tests showed that a glucagon nasal spray worked as effectively as the injectable option in treating severe hypoglycemia. It may take the nasal spray slightly longer to increase blood sugar levels, but it is faster to administer than an injection.

Life December 20, 2015

Number Of US Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Increased By Nearly 60 Percent And Researchers Do Not Know Why

A new study found that type 1 diabetes continues show increased prevalence among U.S. kids. The exact reason as to why the trends keep on rising remains a mystery to experts.

Life December 18, 2015

Metformin Fails To Improve Blood Sugar Control In Obese Teens With Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers from the group T1D Exchange discovered that obese or overweight teenagers with type 1 diabetes may not receive the same health benefits as type 2 diabetics do when taking the antidiabetic drug metformin. The recent study showed that early benefits from taking the drug disappeared later on in the study.

Life December 4, 2015

Daily Injections For Type 1 Diabetes May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

A novel immunotherapy for Type 1 diabetes patients is in the works. The researchers made use of patients' own regulatory T cells called Tregs to limit the disease's attack on the beta cells and retain the system's infection-fighting capability.

Life November 28, 2015

Artificial Pancreas Therapy Shows Promise In Pilot Study

Is there a potential cure for diabetes? Maybe, after researchers developed an artificial pancreas that can produce insulin in patients with diabetes and other pancreatic diseases.

Life November 21, 2015

High Blood Sugar Levels In Pregnant Women With Diabetes May Potentially Harm Baby

Researchers in the United Kingdom discovered that a majority of pregnant diabetic women have high glucose levels in their blood. This can significantly increase the risk for their unborn child to suffer damage during pregnancy.

Life November 19, 2015

Insulin Pump Improves Glycemic Control But Is Underused In Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

Health experts say that insulin pumps are efficient in controlling blood sugar levels in children with Type 1 diabetes, but the device is underused in several places. Less than half of kids in the UK with Type 1 diabetes use the device.

Life November 11, 2015

Drug Prescribed For Gallstone-Related Spasms May Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

With the use of an antispasmodic, a Stanford research team was able to slow the onset of diabetes in mice. The findings look promising in the hope that a drug to prevent diabetes progression in humans is possible.

Life September 17, 2015

Diabetic Girl Chosen As South Dakota Representative To JDRF Children's Congress

Madeline McElroy is one of the over 150 kids chosen by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to participate in the Children's Congress where young type 1 diabetes patients meet with lawmakers.

Life July 13, 2015

FDA Approves Clinical Trial Of Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine BCG

BCG works in mice, but will it be just as effective in treating type 1 diabetes in people? An FDA-approved clinical trial of the vaccine aims to find out.

Life June 10, 2015

New Study Hopes To Find Solution To Diabetes In Immunotherapy Drug

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and BCDiabetes are looking for patients who have recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to participate in an experimental treatment that could eliminate the need for regular insulin injections.

Life April 23, 2015

Stress Ups Type 1 Diabetes Risk In Kids: What Parents Should Know

Witnessing traumatic events, such as the death of a loved one or the divorce of parents, may increase a child's stress levels and triple the risk of developing Type 1 diabetes, a new study shows.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

'Smart' Insulin: Diabetes Game Changer?

Researchers create form of insulin that 'switches' on and off in response to blood sugar levels. Long-lasting 'smart' insulin could give new hope to Type 1 diabetes sufferers.

Life February 10, 2015

Sweet Development: 4-year-old Boy from Australia Receives First Artificial Pancreas in the World

An Australian toddler who has type 1 diabetes has become the first person in the world to be fitted with a device that acts as his artificial pancreas.

Life January 22, 2015

Type 1 Diabetes Patients Life Expectancy May Be Improving: Study

Type 1 diabetics face shorter lifespans than the general population, but the news is getting better for people suffering from the disease.

Life January 8, 2015

Type 1 Diabetes Shortens Life of Individuals by as much as 11 to 13 Years

Individuals with type 1 diabetes may lose up to 13 years of their life to the disease. People with good kidney function and who take proper care of the disease may also lose up to eight years of their life to type 1 diabetes.

Life January 7, 2015

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