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Bedbugs Twice As Old Than Believed, Date Back To Dinosaur Times 100 Million Years Ago

Exactly how long have bed bugs been pestering the creatures of the planet? A new study finds that the pests have been walking the Earth for the past 100 million years.

Animals May 18, 2019

T. Rex Cousin Suskityrannus Hazelae Was A Miniature But Deadly Beast

Scientists discover a pint-sized version of T. rex that's small enough to pet on the head. Dated to 92 million years ago, this small but ferocious hunter fills a significant gap in dinosaur evolution.

Animals May 6, 2019

Ebay Sale Of Baby T. Rex Fossil Draws Backlash From Paleontologists

A professional fossil hunter placed a baby Tyrannosaurus rex fossil on auction on eBay. The action disappointed paleontologists who believe the specimen should have been analyzed first before being put on exhibit.

Ancient April 18, 2019

Museum Exhibit Shows How T. Rex Would've Looked Like With Feathers

The American Museum of Natural History will open a new exhibit to showcase the T. rex as it has never been seen before. The exhibit will feature life-size recreation of the predator complete with patches of feathers on its head.

Animals March 9, 2019

Fossil Of 4-Foot T. Rex Relative Discovered In Utah

The fossil of a diminutive Tyranossaurus rex relative was discovered in Utah. The discovery reveals new information on how and when the T. rex eventually came to rule North America.

Ancient February 22, 2019

Researchers Trace Genome Structure Of Dinosaurs, Thanks To Their Living Relatives

Researchers were able to create the genome structure of dinosaurs, including the tyrannosaurs and velociraptor. The key was in studying the chromosomes of their closest relatives, birds and turtles.

Ancient June 7, 2018

Fossil Unearthed In Montana’s Hell Creek Formation Could Be Remains Of Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex

Teeth suggest that the fossils unearthed in Montana belonged to a Tyrannosaurus rex. Researchers, however, said it could also be the remains of controversial species of dinosaur, the Nanotyrannus.

Animals March 29, 2018

T-Rex's Short Arms Could Have Been Used For 'Vicious' Slashing

What was the real purpose for the T-Rex's distinctive short forearms? A paleontologist believes that more than just being a remnant of evolution, the forearms were likely used to viciously slash the T-Rex's victims.

Animals November 5, 2017

Researchers Reveal Just How Powerful The Tyrannosaurus Rex Bite Really Was

Despite the jokes about its tiny arms, the T. rex - thanks to its massive size - is regarded as the king of the dinosaurs. New research has revealed the creature's bite may have even been more devastating than we once believed.

Ancient May 17, 2017

'Sixth Sense' May Have Helped Tyrannosaur Dinosaurs To Hunt Their Prey

The T-rex and other tyrannosaur dinosaurs may have hunted their prey using a "sixth sense." These prehistoric animals have hypersensitive snout that can detect slight changes in the environment.

Animals March 30, 2017

Ornamented Skulls Tied To Rapid Growth, Big Bodies Of Theropod Dinosaurs

The large body and rapid growth of theropods may have something to do with their ornamented heads. Researchers found that dinosaurs with horns, knobs and crests in their head tend to grow faster.

Animals September 28, 2016

Near-Complete Skull Of Tyrannosaurus Rex Unearthed In Montana

A team of paleontologists from Seattle's Burke Museum discovered an extremely rare fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex in Montana. The rare find may help scientists unravel more details about the ferocious dinosaur.

Ancient August 24, 2016

Tyrannosaurus Rex Likely Had Lips, Says Paleontologist

Here's why vertebrate paleontology expert Robert Reisz is convinced that the Tyrannosaurus rex and other theropod dinosaurs probably had lips covering their sharp, jagged teeth.

Animals May 20, 2016

Scotty The T. Rex Is Saskatchewan's New Fossil Emblem

Saskatchewan will have a dinosaur fossil as its official provincial emblem. Scotty the T. rex got the most online votes and will be officially inducted later this year.

Ancient May 20, 2016

Pregnant Tyrannosaurus Rex Discovered - How Can Bones Unravel Mysteries Of Ancient Creatures?

A Tyrannosaurus rex found in Montana may have been pregnant when she died. How can this assist researchers in future studies of the ancient creatures?

Animals March 16, 2016

This Horse-Sized Dinosaur Might Explain How The T. Rex Became The Apex Predator

An international team of scientists has discovered the remains of a new tyrannosaur that could help provide more insights as to how these dinosaurs were able to become such massive creatures. The Timurlengia euotica showed traits that were similar to both the smaller tyrannosauroid and the larger tyrannosaurus rex.

Animals March 15, 2016

Carnivorous Dinosaurs Evolved Long Legs So They Can Run Faster When Hunting Prey: Study

A new study in Canada revealed that carnivorous dinosaurs had evolved to have long legs so they could run faster when hunting prey. Researchers derived a formula to figure out which species were capable of doing so.

Animals January 29, 2016

201-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur 'Dragon Thief' An Early Relative Of T-Rex

Newly discovered dracoraptor dinosaur in UK was found to be an early relative of T-Rex. The fossils of the 'dragon thief' were said to have the most complete parts during the said time period.

January 21, 2016

Study Shows Just How Wide The T-Rex's Bite Actually Was

A new study conducted by Dr. Stephen Lautenschlager from the University of Bristol demonstrates exactly how wide the T-Rex's jaw could actually get, confirming suspicions that you might not want to run into one.

Animals November 4, 2015

Eating Habits Of Dinosaurs Influenced By How Wide They Can Open Their Jaws, Study Finds

The eating habits of dinosaurs may largely depend on how wide they can open their jaws. Dinosaurs with meat diets such as the Tyrannosaurus rex were found to have a wider jaw gape than their plant-eating counterparts.

Animals November 4, 2015

T-Rex Was A Cannibal: Bone Fragments, Other Evidences Prove Predatory Dinosaur Ate Its Kind

T-rex as cannibals have long been suggested by scientists. Various studies had bits and pieces of information strengthening the idea that Tyrannosaurus rex ate each other.

Animals November 2, 2015

Evidence Suggests That Tyrannosaurus Dinosaurs Ate Each Other

New evidence that will be presented at Geological Society of America in Baltimore on Nov. 1 suggests the T-Rex was a cannibal.

Animals October 30, 2015

'Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition' Review: The Classic Board Game Has A New Alpha

What happens when the board game Monopoly collides with 'Jurassic World'? A clever dino-themed edition of the game that puts a fun spin on a classic family game.

Movies/TV Shows August 27, 2015

Secrets Of Tyrannosaurus Chomp Revealed - Serrated Teeth Like Steak Knives

Serrated teeth sliced into animals during mighty battles in the Age of Dinosaurs. New discoveries were recently revealed when researchers cut into these ancient teeth.

July 29, 2015

'LEGO Jurassic World': How To Unlock Every Playable Dinosaur

Among its many charms, playing as dinosaurs in 'LEGO Jurassic World' has to be the funnest part. Here's how to unlock every playable dinosaur in the game — 20 in all.

Geek June 25, 2015

Meet T-Rex's Vegetarian Cousin The Chilesaurus And Other Weird Dinosaurs

The Chilesaurus diegosuarezi was an herbivore with bones that look like they could have come from different dinosaurs.

Animals April 29, 2015

Tyrannosaurs hunted and terrorized in packs, BC tracks suggest

Tyrannosaurs may have joined up in "terror gangs" to hunt down and kill prey, fossilized tracks suggest. Finding show the creatures may not have been the solitary predators once thought.

Animals July 25, 2014

Newly discovered flying dinosaur has four wings and exceptionally long feathers

Named Changyuraptor yangi, the newly discovered flying dinosaur is the largest four-winged dinosaur known to be found. The fossils have been crucial for exploring different theories of how these creatures flew.

Geek July 17, 2014

T. rex fossil arrives at Smithsonian after 2,000-mile journey

FedEx has delivered on its promise, safely transporting one of the most complete T. rex skeletons to the National Museum of Natural History. The fossil will serve as the centerpiece of its new dinosaur and fossil hall after the facility is completed in a few years.

April 16, 2014

'Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular' roars back into North America this summer

Life-sized dinosaurs are coming back to North America this summer. Here's a preview of Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular show!

Animals March 21, 2014

Europe's biggest and baddest dinosaur gets named after Dinotopia author

Scientists have named the biggest and baddest carnivorous dinosaur to have ever walked Europe after the author of Dinotopia. The 10 meter long predator stalked its prey over 150 million years ago.

Animals March 6, 2014

Dimetrodon with 'steak-knife' teeth was more terrifying than T. rex

With teeth like steak knives, the 12-foot-long Dimetrodon may have been far more frightening than T-rex. They were also the distant ancestor of all mammals, including rabbits.

Animals February 7, 2014

T. rex skeleton heading for Smithsonian museum but you may not see it for 5 years

While one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever found heads off to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the museum's fossil wing is also scheduled to undergo a 5 year renovation project.

Animals January 18, 2014

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