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University Students Fear Dorm Mold Might Be Connected To Freshman's Adenovirus Death

Is the death of a university freshman linked to the mold problem at the students' dorm? Some students are speaking about the problem that began last August.

Public Health November 24, 2018

University Freshman Dies Of Adenovirus, Five More Cases Confirmed

A university freshman lost her life from adenovirus-related illness, while five more students are confirmed to be sick from it. The student who died may have been more susceptible to the virus because of her Crohn's disease.

Public Health November 23, 2018

Hungry bats battle with echolocation for food

Mexican free-tailed bats jam echolocation systems used by other bats in the nightly hunt for food, an accidental discovery reveals.

Animals November 6, 2014

Yes! Medium-sized black holes do exist

Medium-sized black holes have never been directly observed before. Now, M82 X-1 may be weighing in right.

Space August 19, 2014

Meteorites from Mars may hold clues to early Martian atmosphere: How different was it from ancient Earth?

A new study focusing on the Martian meteorites found on Earth reveals that the early atmospheres of these two planets were very varied, but the nature of their differences remains unclear.

Space April 20, 2014

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