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Local Residents Of Rural Brazil Town Report 'Rain Of Spiders'

A man visiting his grandparents in Brazil woke up to hundreds of spiders floating in the sky one sunny morning. According to experts, the spiders built a giant cobweb above ground to catch mosquitos overnight.

Animals January 13, 2019

Google Rolls Out Accelerated Mobile Pages: What This Means For Publishers And Users

Google hands out badges to Web pages that treat mobile devices the best. It's the fruit of the months-long Accelerated Mobile Pages project, which is an open source effort to optimize mobile Web browsing.

Internet February 26, 2016

You Can Now View Your Google Photos Photo Spheres On The Web

Google has updated Google Photos to bring Photo Spheres to the Web. Now, users can simply head to their Google Photos accounts to view the Photo Spheres that they made.

Apps/Software December 4, 2015

Google Chrome For Android Data Saver Update Uses 70 Percent Less Data When Web Browsing

Google announced an update to its Data Saver functionality that will now remove images from loading at first to save users up to 70 percent of data on the Chrome app for Android.

Apps/Software December 1, 2015

There's A Giant Spider Web In Texas And It's Not By Spider-Man

A road in Texas has been transformed into creepy scenery as giant webs hang on a long stretch of trees. Experts say the spiders that made these webs are benign and are not harmful to humans.

Earth/Environment August 8, 2015

At Last, You Can Search Instagram On The Web

Until now, the only way to search Instagram was in the mobile app or with a third-party website. No more. Today, Instagram has added its own web search to

Internet July 20, 2015

Twitter Revamps Quote Tweet Feature For Mobile And Web

The new quote tweet function, which allows users to add commentary to their retweets, is part of Twitter's overall scheme to increase user engagement.

Internet April 7, 2015

Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Warns Of 'Bit Rot' And 'Digital Dark Age' But Don't Panic Yet

The father of the Internet says it's time to start printing out those important historical documents and photos before "bit rot" hits and renders them inaccessible. Yes, he's serious.

Internet February 16, 2015

Flipboard Does A Back Flip And Lands On The Web. Sweet!

After five years from launching the digital magazine for the iPad, Flipboard has finally unveiled a Web version of its service.

Internet February 11, 2015

Electrically Charged Web: Uloborus Spider Catches Its Prey Better Than Spider-Man Catches Criminals

The feather-legged lace weaver uses a charged silk measuring only a few nanometers thick to catch its prey. It achieves this by using a special combing technique and by violently pulling the thread.

Animals January 29, 2015

Mozilla aims to court developers with FX10, a special webdev browser

Remembering how it got here, Mozilla prepares to treat developers to an open-ended web browser. The new version of Firefox supports development tools that typically conflict when run in the same development environment.

Apps/Software November 3, 2014

New web privacy system makes surfing the web safer

A group of researchers recently unveiled COWL, a new web privacy system that works with web browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, making web surfing safer and offering more flexibility to web developers.

Internet Culture October 7, 2014

AMD unwraps 64-bit ARM 'Seattle' server chip

AMD has just released a more detailed account of its first ARM-based server processor which is otherwise known as the Opteron A1100 “Seattle.” The latter was first announced in January.

Computers August 13, 2014

Common web language develops into Internet dialects

PBS Ideal Channel explores the idea of Internet dialects in different virtual communities. When it comes to web language, common ways of writing causes site-specific dialects.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

FCC votes on Wheeler's new net neutrality proposal: Should there be Internet 'fast lanes'?

FCC has voted 3-2 in favor of Internet prioritization taking place and Internet fast lanes to become a reality. This has caused a lot of dissent from tech companies and conservatives who want a neutral Internet.

Business Tech May 16, 2014

Google, Facebook, Amazon et al fight to protect net neutrality, but why?

Various tech companies got together and sent Tom Wheeler and the FCC a letter expressing their desire for net neutrality. The companies are against preferential treatment, tolls or fast lanes when it comes to bandwidth.

Business May 9, 2014

Firefox v.29 boasts redesign, customization features but will it ever beat Chrome?

Browser refresh is getting mixed reviews but it's still more secure than Internet Explorer and that may be enough to push it up in popularity.

Internet May 4, 2014

At 25, Web needs bill of rights, says Sir Tim Berners-Lee

The Internet deserves a birthday present, says its creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and what better gift than increased security. Just days after thanking Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA surveillance program, Berners-Lee proposed the addition of a bill of rights for the Web.

Internet March 13, 2014

WWW turns 25: A look back at the Internet's early days

What could be found on the web in the years following the day 25 years ago when Sir Tim Berners-Lee pressed a button on his keyboard and officially created the world wide web can be easily summed up. Not much, but that was not to last as everyone from scientists to pizza makers hopped onto what would arguably become the greatest phenomenon of the 20th Century.

Internet March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Web, you're 25: 9 in 10 Americans love being on the Internet

The Web has just turned 25. However, even now 1 in 10 Americans chooses to ignore the Internet and instead of being on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube all day, they probably prefer sending out mail the old-fashioned way.

Internet February 27, 2014

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