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World's First 1 TB MicroSD Card From SanDisk Is Now Available For $449.99

SanDisk is now selling its new Extreme microSD card with 1 TB of capacity. Users who need a ton of storage space can now grab one for $449.99.

Gadgets May 16, 2019

SanDisk, Micron Pave The Way For The Age Of 1 TB MicroSD Cards

At this year's Mobile World Congress, 1 TB microSD cards are being unveiled. Both Western Digital's SanDisk and Micron are announcing their takes on the high-capacity mobile storage.

Gadgets February 25, 2019

SanDisk Unveils The World’s Largest-Capacity Flash Drive With 4 TB Of Storage

The world’s largest-capacity flash drive is here. Well, sort of — this SanDisk prototype doesn’t even have a name yet, but it’s a super tiny 4 TB storage stick with USB Type-C.

Gadgets January 9, 2019

Western Digital Is Working On 40 TB Hard Drives With The Help Of Microwaves

Western Digital has pioneered a new data storage technology that uses microwave-assisted magnetic recording to pack more data into the same disk space. The company claims the technology will allow disk capacities of up to 40 TB by 2025.

Computers October 14, 2017

Western Digital Starts Shipping A 14 TB Hard Drive You Can’t Buy

Western Digital has officially begun shipping the HGST Ultrastar Hs14, the world’s first 14 TB hard drive. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase one anytime soon, because this one is only available for a select few.

Computers October 8, 2017

You’ll Never Run Out Of Storage With This 400 GB SanDisk MicroSD Card, But It Sure Costs A Lot

Here’s a new microSD card from SanDisk and Western Digital to make sure you’ll never run out of space. It’s got 400 GB of storage, is shockproof and waterproof, and costs a pretty penny.

Gadgets September 1, 2017

Western Digital Unveils ‘My Passport SSD’ With USB Type-C And Up To 1 TB Of Storage

Western Digital is going to release a portable SSD storage drive called My Passport SSD, available in configurations of up to 1 TB. Available this quarter, the drives will still be more expensive than your average external HDD.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Best SSDs 2016: Which Should You Buy To Upgrade Your Old Laptop?

SSDs are slowly becoming the new normal, and while quite a number of them are priced expensively, transitioning to an SSD storage system is still manageable. Here are the best SSDs you can buy right now.

Computers December 25, 2016

Western Digital Returns To The SSD Scene With WD Blue, WD Green: Sizes Go From 240 GB To 1 TB

Western Digital released its first SSD products after its SanDisk acquisition last May. While the company has only made one SSD product in the past, the SanDisk takeover made it the second largest SSD manufacturer today.

Computers October 11, 2016

PiDrive 314GB HDD Is Western Digital's Answer To Raspberry Pi Users Storage Nightmare

Western Digital has unveiled the PiDrive 314GB HDD, a hard drive designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The hard drive is currently being sold at a discounted price.

Computers March 15, 2016

Seagate Counters WD With Its Own 10 TB Helium-Filled HDD For Cloud Data Centers

After releasing a couple of new items at CES 2016, Seagate catches up with rival Western Digital in terms of heavy-duty storage capacity. Enter Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5-inch Helium-Filled 10 TB HDD, perfect for data centers.

Computers January 15, 2016

Western Digital Launches World's First 10 TB Helium-Filled PMR HDD: Meet The Ultrastar He10

Western Digital revealed the newest, largest and most energy-friendly Helium-filled HDD. The Ultrastar He10’s description showed that it is the first PMR storage device to sport 10 TB of space, 2.5M hours MTBF and mainstream enterprise readiness.

Computers December 4, 2015

Western Digital Self-Encrypted External Hard Drives Have Major Security Vulnerabilities That Could Expose Data To Hackers

Researchers found that Western Digital’s ‘My Passport’ line of self-encrypted HDDs is quite vulnerable to hacking. The paper, published in September, detailed the flaws in the drive’s security and it made owners of the devices shiver.

Computers October 22, 2015

Western Digital Announces Definitive Agreement To Buy SanDisk For $19B In Cash And Stock

Western Digital is now the owner of SanDisk after the company acquired it for $19 billion. It is one of the largest acquisitions of 2015 thus far.

Business October 22, 2015

Western Digital To Acquire SanDisk

Data storage company Western Digital announced its acquisition of SanDisk Wednesday. The deal is worth $86.50 per share, which adds up to $19 billion in total.

Deals October 21, 2015

Flash Memory Giant SanDisk In Sale Talks With Rivals Micron And Western Digital

SanDisk entered talks about a corporate acquisition with competitors Western Digital and Micron. Rumors about the merge of the three memory drive producers shook the stock markets, causing the shares of all companies to surge.

Deals October 15, 2015

Best External Hard Drive For Xbox One: How To Choose And What To Buy

With many of the latest-gen games for Xbox eating up as much as 60GB, it will only be some time before you'll need to get a hard drive.

Video Games March 28, 2015

Western Digital Announces New High-Capacity Hard Drives For Data Centers

Western Digital has introduced WD Re+, the 3.5-inch hard drive that not only boasts incredible capacity but also has the distinction of being the lowest power-consuming high-capacity drive.

Gadgets March 14, 2015

Western Digital services back online, company called out on Twitter, Facebook on poor response

Western Digital execs got an earful from customers who took to social medial to express their anger over the fact three of the company's big online services were offline for a week. While the company has restored most of the services it is now working to do the same for its image.

Computers April 7, 2014

The most reliable hard drive makers are...

Backblaze, an online backup service, conducted a study on over 27,000 physical hard drives and has found that Hitachi is the most reliable hard drive.

Gadgets January 22, 2014

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