Google has updated Keep for iOS, its note-capturing app for the iPhone and iPad, to give users more features that make it a bit more like Evernote. These include features for easier note-taking from anywhere and faster access and sharing features.

In a Google+ post, Google says users of Keep for iOS will now be able to take notes from anywhere on their iPhone. For instance, when a user is reading articles on Wikipedia and wants to take down the URL in a note, he can simply swipe down to find an option to create a Keep note.

The update also brings a Today view in Notification Center, allowing users to access their notes right away.

Finally, Google also added the ability for Keep users to export their notes to Google Docs. This feature has already been available in Keep for the Web since March, coming a bit later to Keep for Android in August. To export Keep notes, users have to open the note and tap the menu button at the upper right corner of the screen. This will bring up a slew of options, including Copy to Google Docs, which they should tap.

Keep will begin the process of exporting the note to Docs and will display a message notifying the user that the export is complete. The app will also show an Open button that leads them to the newly created Docs file, which users can then edit or share as they please.

Google has lately been aggressive about rolling out improvements to its apps and services. On Keep for Android for instance, users received an update that allows them to create drawings and annotate images on their notes. The update arrived with a slew of improvements for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, which include larger spreadsheets on Sheets and support for subscripts and superscripts in Docs and Slides.

But Google is also setting its sights on its apps for iOS as well. Aside from the new update to Keep for the iPhone, Google on Wednesday seeded another update to Google Maps for iOS, which now offers out traffic voice alerts.

Users can now download the updated Google Keep for iOS from the Apple App Store.

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