Amazon's first foray into the smartphone sector has received largely positive reviews. It has sponsored a number of television programs already, and the Fire 3D smartphone is currently available exclusively through AT&T with a two-year contract.

Overall, despite what some observers argue is the same archaic platform that has yet to be innovated, the phone offers a number of neat functions that should be a winner on the market and get people to pick up the device.

In announcing the phone, CEO Jeff Bezos pushed the idea that the device was the company's push into a new sector that would ultimately jump-start and move the industry in a new direction. Although the company continues to use the traditional operating system and platforms for an Android device, the goal is to have a few unique offerings and features that will set the phone apart.

One of the key selling points for the Fire 3D is the free year of Amazon Prime. While it is only a $99 value, the ability to have access to thousands of shows and films via your smartphone, without being forced to download the files, should be a huge boost for those who love to use their phone while commuting to and from work.

"If you already subscribe to Prime, you'll get an extra year free when you buy the phone," said one expert in extolling the value of the device.

The second big selling point is the unlimited online storage. Using Amazon's already strong cloud management and data storage, users will be able to be able to have access to massive amounts of digital storage without being bogged down by limited device space. The phone is able to connect to an existing cloud account, allowing users to watch their favorite films and programs on the go without the hassle of downloads and file storage.

One of the intangibles that users are likely to discover upon first use is the ease and functionality of the device, but it becomes a major selling point for those overwhelmed by all the choices on the market. Amazon designed the phone with the general population in mind. It has an easy-to-maneuver format that allows the least-avid smartphone user to enjoy the experience and meander through the technological maze that has become smartphones.

Amazon is promoting the Fire 3D as a form for all. While it does deliver some new bells and whistles, the overall lack of technical interface should help smooth the introduction for nonsmartphone users without hindering the immediate experience.

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