Two-week old startup company BlackV Club is targeting tech guys, hoping to make a profit selling only one item. The company is still in the app development phase, but will cater to a crowd of men who want dress to impress without the extra effort.

Edward Lando and Yagil Burowski, co-founders of the BlackV Club, will sell black V-necked shirts for men that are "everyday billionaire chic."

"All you can do on the app is buy one model of black V-neck," said Lando.

The inspiration for BlackV Club came when they were working on Notice, their anonymous messaging app. The idea is that tech guys want to dress for a night of clubbing -- or coding -- without being bothered with picking out their own shirts.

"We realized we were running out of clothes. We each bought five black V-necks," Lando said. "When we got home and had them stacked and slipped them into our drawer, it felt like a very zen moment."

While the app will only feature its one signature black V-neck, Lando said they will add more items one at a time in a flash sale, like "Oprah's book club for fashion."

The founders want consumers to throw away their closets so they can fill it with items that will turn tech guys from geek to chic.

The exact kind of black V-neck is not yet selected, but they will feature the first mobile flash sale "within the next few weeks."

BlackV Club isn't the first company that has attempted to make fashion easier for men. Retail service Trunk Club offers a website where stylists consult with customers and then choose and mail the customer's clothes.

The U.S. department store Nordstrom acquired Trunk Club for $350 million in July.

The founders of BlackV Club tried this club, but found it only sent variations of striped shirts. Tech guys can't go wrong by picking the right kind of V-neck.

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