Vine Allows Users To Edit Captions After Posting Videos


Vine has made a rather small change to how its social media network works, yet one that could be very helpful for content creators around the world.

The company announced that it will be allowing users to edit a Vine caption after they have posted the six-second video, a departure from how Vine's parent, Twitter, runs, with users having long requested the ability to edit tweets.

The feature is currently only available on Android, however, Vine promises to bring it to iOS as well in the near future.

An important thing to note is that the new feature isn't a full-on editing tool. Instead, Vine will be allowing users to edit their captions for a "brief period of time." The company won't say exactly how long that is, but users will probably get a pretty good idea of that as they use it.

"These improvements have been among the most-requested features and we're excited to bring them to you," said the company in a blog post. "Keep the feedback coming!"

Of course, at the end of the day, Vine isn't allowing users to edit that much. They can only edit the caption, and the text of a video obviously plays a much smaller role in the video than the clip itself. So, allowing for the editing of a caption is not the equivalent of allowing for the editing of a tweet when it comes to Twitter. Ironically, the caption does end up being the tweet if you simultaneously push your Vine to Twitter as well. If you end up editing the caption, however, the tweet will not change to reflect that edit.

Other features in the new update include the ability to sort how Vines appear on your feed, a feature that can be accessed through a small icon on the account page for the people you're following, allowing you to see posts by Newest, Oldest or Most Popular. Last but not least is the addition of 3D Touch support for iOS, allowing users to launch the creation of a Vine or Explore straight from the home screen.

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