The triumphant return of HBO's Game of Thrones is coming fast, with the sixth season of the show set to air in April. That doesn't mean fans are any closer to learning answers for some of the show's biggest cliffhangers, however.

HBO is keeping plot details on the new season locked down. Is Jon Snow alive or dead? What's going to happen to Dany? What about Tyrion? Those are the kinds of questions fans are begging to know the answers to. While nothing is official, we do thankfully have a few bits of information about what to expect. Gathered from various set sightings, actor interviews and official photos that have hit the web in the past year since season five concluded, below you'll find all the spoilers and details we know about season six so far.

Be warned, there is some serious spoiler material below. Turn back now if you don't want the surprise ruined.

Proceed with caution.

Last Chance! Spoilers Incoming!

Sansa Won't Die In Season Six

Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner recently let slip while on the red carpet of the Oscars that she won't be dying this season. She remarked about flipping through the pages of the script and reading the numerous character deaths, only to be relieved when her character wasn't among them. Last we saw Sansa she was fleeing from castle Winterfell and the clutches of her "husband" Ramsay Bolton, just as Stannis Baratheon attacked.

Somebody Is Definitely Coming Back To Life

Whether it's Jon Snow or somebody else, it seems likely that somebody is coming back to life. That much, at least, has been revealed by actor Ian McShane, who plays a minor, yet still undetailed, role in an episode of season six. "I'll give you one hint," McShane said. "I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you're never going to see again. I'll leave it at that." Fans speculate McShane may be playing a septon who claims to have buried the Hound, but may be actually keeping his survival a secret. Or perhaps season six will mark the long-awaited arrival of Lady Stonehart, aka the resurrected Catelyn Stark. We simply don't yet know who will be making a comeback, but somebody will.

We'll Get To See The Tower Of Joy

One of the biggest moments in season six that fans can look forward to is the Tower of Joy. This pivotal moment from the books will look to explain one of the greatest mysteries of the series, namely the reason behind the death of Eddard Stark's sister and Jon Snow's secret parentage. This flashback has been rumored for a while thanks to the show filming at an iconic tower and the casting of a "legendary knight." This makes it almost certain the scene will be included either as a flashback (or a flashback vision through Bran). Unfortunately, don't expect Sean Bean to make a return as Ned, despite a younger version of his character almost certainly appearing. The actor says he isn't involved.

Kit Harrington Was Definitely On Set

Is Jon Snow alive? It's the biggest question surrounding season six, and while there aren't yet concrete answers, it definitely seems like the one-time Lord Commander of the Night's Watch will be returning in some form. Either way, it is certain that actor Kit Harrington was on the set of season six, though he looked different from usual. His hair is pulled up in a way we haven't seen before, his armor looks to be that of a typical Stark soldier and his iconic sword Longclaw is nowhere to be seen. So what gives? It's possible Jon is resurrected by Melisandre, but that doesn't explain the new look. Regardless, it should put some fans at ease to learn that one of their favorite characters is still alive and kicking.

Natalie Dormer Was Surprised To Learn One Of Her Co-Stars Was Back

Playing right into the 'Jon Snow lives' rumors is the fact that Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on the show, was surprised to meet one of her dead co-stars on set while filming the new season. Talking with Jimmy Kimmel, Dormer said she tries to stay spoiler free by only reading parts of the script relevant to her, but that didn't work out when she bumped into a co-star on set and exclaimed "What are you doing here? Oh my God, you're back?! I've got to leave." Dormer, of course, didn't say who it was she bumped into, but it's hard not to immediately think of Kit Harrington. However, there are a number of other characters rumored to be coming back in some form or another, so it could be anybody.

Bran Got A Haircut

Last time we saw Bran, he had a headful of hair as he was journeying to meet the Three-Eyed Raven. That was in season four. After a season-long hiatus, Bran is back with new powers and a new, much shorter, haircut. Seems like Bran will be able to view the events of the past with his new abilities, which may be how the show frames the rumored flashbacks, but we figured his haircut was worth mentioning.

Shae Is Back ... In Some Form

Remember when Tyrion murdered his lover Shae, shortly before murdering his father? It was one of the biggest moments in season four, and it certainly seemed like Shae was gone for good. That might not be entirely the case, as Shae actress Sibel Kekilli was spotted on set during the filming of season six. So what's the deal? It's unlikely Shae has been resurrected. Instead, many assume it is either a flashback or a hallucination of Tyrion.

Arya Is Still Blind

For those who didn't read the book series, there was a little confusion as to what exactly happened to Arya at the end of season five. Rather than dying, Arya is instead punished by having her sight removed with a poison. Official season six photos confirm that Arya is still continuing her training as a Faceless Man, but will now have to do so without her sight.

The Dothraki Are Back

Dany will meet a new group of Dothraki nomads in season six, and viewers can expect them to play a large role in events to come. As you might expect, more than a few of these Dothraki are bound to die, but not their leader. At least that much was revealed by actor Elie Haddad, who is playing an as of yet unnamed Dothraki leader in the upcoming season. He said in an interview that while those around him die, he does not, in fact, meet his end. Haddad also, accidentally, leaked portions of a script involving his character, in which it was revealed that these new Dothraki aren't impressed by Daenarys Targarygen's many titles.

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