Lindsay Diaz's home was damaged by a tornado on Dec. 26. After securing a rebuilding permit and saying that she's ready to start her life over, it seems like her dreams are once again "crushed," although things may be impossible to repair this time.

Diaz and her young son survived the tornado by using a bathtub for cover. The incident left her and her son staying in a hotel at first, before settling in a rented home.

Now, the woman says she got a call from a neighbor who frantically told her that a company came and demolished her house.

Diaz, along with Alan Cutter, who owned the other unit in the demolished duplex, lived at 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive in Rowlett, Texas.

The demolition company was supposed to tear down a house at 7601 Cousteau Drive, which is just a block away from the duplex.

Seeing the rubble of what once was her home, Diaz exclaimed in disbelief how the demolition company, identified as Billy L. Nabors Demolition, managed to commit such a terrible mistake and described it as the "worst" one she'd seen so far.

According to the company, the demo workers checked Diaz's address before they started with the demolition. While they acknowledged that they had the correct information on the house number, the workers cited that they had the wrong street.

An employee reportedly sent Diaz a screenshot that showed her address in Google Maps and the address of the intended house for demolition.

While the demolition incident was due to a mistake in Google Maps, Diaz understandably finds it hard to understand what happened, especially since she had recently received encouraging news.

Prior to the incident, Diaz got a report from a structural engineer who wrote that her home was structurally sound and did not require demolition. Her home only needed a few repairs, such as the walls and rafters on the roof that had to be replaced.

The company said that the incident is currently being investigated. It was also reported that after the demolition crew tore down Diaz's home by mistake, they immediately proceeded to the intended house for the demolition and went on with their work.

So far, the company has not yet apologized about the error.

Diaz made an information report and filed it at the police headquarters in Rowlett to properly document the incident.

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