Microsoft maybe keeping mum on its purported plans of outing a sleeker version of its Xbox One gaming console, but growing evidence suggests that an Xbox One Slim model is in the offing.

If a report by Yahoo is anything to go on, a leak courtesy of the Brazilian counterpart of the FCC reveals the gaming division of Microsoft is working on a slimmer model of the popular console, which will house several improvements when compared to the Xbox One.

That is not all. The image of the intended hardware, as well as the listing of the reference chip, have also emerged per the publication.

"As much as the FCC might be a stickler for the rules in the U.S., its counterpart in Brazil isn't quite so strict. It turns out someone has turfed up some specifications and a photo for what might be internal components for a new iteration of the Xbox One. Along with an image of the alleged hardware, the regulator's listings reference a chip and manual linked with the Microsoft console," reports the publication.

This is not the first time rumors pertaining to a slim version of the console have floated online, Earlier in April, we reported that a new version of the Xbox One was in the pipeline and could possibly make its debut this summer. The rumor pointed to two unannounced FCC filings from Microsoft, the NDA for which would expire on June 25 and July 29. The first date points to the probability of Microsoft unveiling the new console at the E3 expo.

This leak has suggested that the new variant of the Xbox One could possibly be the Xbox One Slim; basically a svelte version of the console just like the Xbox 360 has a slim model.

Moreover, in November 2015, AMD was believed to be working on a smaller processor for the Xbox One, hinting that Microsoft had a slimmer Xbox One in the works.

Little is known about the features of the Xbox One Slim apart from the fact that it will be sleeker than the current-gen model. It is also rumored that the console may not have a dedicated disc drive. It will possibly consume less electricity than the Xbox One and offer a quieter experience. The wireless performance of the console is also anticipated to get improved.

Xbox One Slim Related To Windows 10 Anniversary edition?

A possibility exists that the Xbox One Slim's release is linked to the impending Windows 10 Anniversary edition. Microsoft has often reiterated that it is devising methods to improve its gaming consoles' hardware and would look to launch a newer version only when the company is capable of delivering an enhanced end-user experience.

Interestingly, Microsoft has a major firmware update in the pipeline for the Xbox One. This will be delivered to its Preview program members in end May or early June. It is believed that a few elements of the update are linked to the impending update for Windows 10.

Perhaps, once this update is rolled out Microsoft would have an improved end-user experience in place and can then be on track to release the newer model of the console.

Possible Release Date

Since the expiration of the NDA is set as June 25 and July 29, a strong possibility exists that Microsoft will launch the Xbox One Slim at the impending E3 2016, which will be held from June 14 to June 16 in Los Angeles.

Microsoft could be eyeing a release of the gaming console soon after to give a boost to the sales figures. The release of Xbox One Slim will help Microsoft keep the interest alive in its current-gen consoles. Especially taking into consideration the rumors that rival Sony is poised to debut its PlayStation 4K this year.

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