If becoming fit is something you've been pushing to the backburner, then a new app that pays one money if they follow a diet plan and exercise may just be the catalyst to get you going! Meet Pact, an application that allows one to earn cash if they fulfil a "pact" or a set goal.

The notion behind Pact is that an individual can earn money for meeting fitness goals and staying active. This cash is shelled out by other Pact users who are unable to stick to their promise. Since money is an incentive for those who complete their pact, individuals are motivated to meet their health targets week after week.

"Getting fit and staying healthy are hard. Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals, week after week," notes the company.

The folks behind pack understand that each individual has a different health goal and, therefore have created three categories of Pacts. These are the Veggie Pact, the Gym Pact and the Food Log Pact, which aid one to imbibe more vegetables in their dies, stay fit and log in details of their meals, respectively.

A Pact app user can either commit to all the three pacts or choose any one or two of the them. For those wondering how one can validate that they have indeed honored their chosen Pact, it's quite easy. For example, if you chose the Gym Pact, which requires you to visit the gym a couple of times a week to exercise, then you use GPS to prove you were actually at the venue. If the Veggie Pact is what you opted for, then click pictures of your meal as proof of living up to the pact.

Setting the healthy eating and exercise goals and fulfilling them will not only boost your levels of fitness and hasten the weight management process, but also make you some money along the way!

For those wondering, "What if I am unable to honor the pact?" You should be prepared to pay a pre-determined amount for not honoring the commitment. This money is used to reward other Pact app users who, unlike you, have managed to abide by the pact during the week.

As for the payout amount you can earn for accomplishing the target, it's anywhere between $0.30 to $5 a week. This amount depends on the number of activities a user manages to do.

If you are asking if the money incentive really works as a motivator to stick to the pact, the proof is in the pudding as the developer reveals that 95 percent of the app's users achieve their goals!

You can download the Pact app for iOS or Android if you are intrigued! It is free.

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