A couple of days ago, we reported that Rocket League could potentially make its way to the upcoming Nintendo NX console (when it releases in March 2017) with cross-platform support in tow. Now, there is more good news for fans of Rocket League: developer Psyonix has spilled the beans on a new update for the game.

On Friday, June 10, Psyonix revealed in a blog post that it is poised to release the new update, dubbed Neo Tokyo, for Rocket League in June.

"Neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and retro-futuristic style comes to Rocket League on June 20 with our largest update in the game's history, 'Neo Tokyo,'" notes the developer.

Neo Tokyo, the cyber-themed map, will bring several exciting things gamers' way such as a new cars, a new cyberpunk stadium and plenty of game updates. The map is multi-leveled and will bring players to a futuristic-looking Tokyo.

The trailer released by the developer gives a peek into all the goodies the June 20 update brings. Originally, the stadium called "Underpass" was part of the "Rocket Labs" playlist. However, it has now been improved further and has streamlined gameplay, as well as more detailed environments.

The update also brings new cars called "Esper" and "Masamune," which will be a paid aspect of the update. The futuristic cars will be joining the previously announced "Marauder" and "Aftershock." These will become available digitally post July 18, but those who buy the Rocket League Collector's Edition will get early access. This edition hits North America and Europe on July 5 and June 24, respectively.

Rocket League also benefits from the experimental arena aka the Pillars mode that brings two massive walls on the field, splitting the arena into three. The update also brings new quick-chat customization options, post-game celebrations, eight new trophies and achievements on all the compatible platforms, certified items, an easily usable trade-in system and rare items.

There will be over 20 Rare and Very Rare types of items included along with the new Certified and Painted items.

The arrival of the "Showroom" will let gamers not only purchase but also view any previously released premium DLC, as well as future ones. Neo Tokyo's arrival for Rocket League will also mark the beginning of Season 3 in the title's competitive playlist. The skill rankings from Season 2 will get reset as a result.

For the complete changelog of what Neo Tokyo will bring, head over to Pysonix's blog post. Meanwhile, check out the trailer for Neo Tokyo below. Are you excited for the update to hit on June 20?

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