Windows 9 allegedly confirmed to be a free download for Windows 8 users: Is this the new Microsoft?


Microsoft is expected to announce Windows 9 on Sept. 30 as the company seeks to rid itself of Windows 8 once and for all. This is a do or die moment for the company, because if Windows 9 fails, the whole company could fall apart. This could be the reason why Microsoft might just make Windows 9 available as a free download.

Several reports in the past claim that Windows 9 could be free, but only for some users. Apparently, Microsoft wants to make the operating system free for Windows 8 users, and to an extent, for Windows XP users as well. If this is the case, Microsoft could be well on its way to regaining lost fans who have felt betrayed by Windows 8.

A report from Indonesian website, Detik, claims that Windows 9 being free has been confirmed by Andreas Diantoro, president of Microsoft Indonesia. We can't confirm ourselves on whether or not this report is true, but we do hope it is, because Windows on the desktop is the only operating system that is doing well for Microsoft at this point.

Competition is no doubt stiff, and it will not get any easier as the years roll by. Google and Apple are increasingly making things difficult for Microsoft every passing year, so the company cannot afford to fail at this point.

The Indonesian website went on to claim that Microsoft will deliver Windows 9 similar to how Apple delivers OS X updates to its users.

If the rumor is indeed true, it will be better off for Microsoft if it made Windows 9 free for everyone, even if they don't have Windows 8. This is the perfect time to get people on the Windows 9 bandwagon, in hopes that they will stay on to pay for Windows 10 and other versions down the line.

Of course, we doubt the company will listen and act upon our crazy little plan.

On a separate note, Windows 9 might have a different name. Reports are claiming that Microsoft is making moves to be done with the Windows branding, a move that could prove beneficial for the company as millions around the world have a bad taste of Windows on their collective tongues.

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