Showrunner Ryan Murphy and crew have been doing a really good job at keeping fans guessing as to what they can expect for the new season of the cult hit TV series American Horror Story.

While it has been expected that Murphy wouldn't be clearly be giving away details about season 6, die-hard fans know to look for each season's teasers and trailers in search of some of the more subliminal clues.

There has been no shortage of promos released as of late. These include everything from figures with green eyes, crop circles and Children of the Corn-like children to monsters in the basement and in a crib.

Now, a new season 6 American Horror Story promo just debuted that is arguably the most creepy one yet.

Ever have that feeling that someone or something is watching you while you sleep? That's exactly what is happening in the latest teaser. Giving us serious Annabelle vibes, the promo titled "Baby Face" features the camera panning into a what seems like a sweet and innocent doll that is sitting in a chair just off the side of a bed. However, as the camera gets closer, the doll's face breaks into a terrifying Joker grin that is all too reminiscent of Freak Show's Twisty the Clown.

If this season does feature possessed toys, we are sure they will haunt us in our dreams for days.

However, could this be one small clue as to what's lurking in the new season, or is this a visual released to spook fans and get them ready?

FX CEO John Landraf has previously admitted that some of the promos have been released just to throw fans off.

There is only one teaser that is accurate about this season. The hard part is determining the real from the fake, especially since new promos like this one and another freaky bug one continue being released.

However, the theme for season 6 might have accidentally been revealed as being The Mist.

Remember that other promo that featured a Stranger Things monster look-alike crawling out from the mist and down a railroad track? Well this could be that one accurate promo, after all. That's because fans noticed that Rotten Tomatoes updated its site to include a subtitle for this new season of the thriller series — American Horror Story: The Mist.

The site has since update the titled to read "American Horror Story: The Mist (False)."

However, a Reddit user pointed out that the series was also subtitled The Mist in TV Guide, which further suggests that this could really be the theme.

AHS titled revealed in TV Guide? This is in their schedule in the latest issue.

An "Anthology" video previously released also teased the many "M's" of the series including: murder, madness, magic, misfits and mayhem. Season 6 is still a mystery, but The Mist would fit right in if this were also a clue.

While we won't know for sure until it's officially announced, fans can certainly get behind this season having a Stephen King vibe to it, especially if it means getting lots of creepy monsters hiding around each corner.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres on FX on Sept. 14.

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