For those of you who use Evernote for Mac, a bug is reportedly causing loss of attachments in certain notes, the number of which may vary. Evernote has notified Mac users to download an update in order to avoid the inconvenience.

"We have identified a bug in some versions of Evernote for Mac that can cause images and other attachments to be deleted from a note under specific conditions," reads the email.

Keep in mind that not all Mac users were compromised by the bug, but those who have received an official email from the company should update the app as soon as possible.

According to the email, the bug appears to be occurring in the September Evernote for Mac release, with less presence in versions released since June. Certain user-inputs such as rapidly skimming through a series of notes appears to be triggering the bug, which deletes images or attachments embedded inside a note, without warning or any notification.

This is upsetting for many longtime Evernote users, who may possibly have too many notes by now to check if they've also experienced inexplicably missing attachments.

"I have [18,000] notes and I'd guess a half of them have attachments," writes one user on the Evernote forums. The text content inside the note, however, remains unchanged; the bug seems to be exclusively affecting images and attachments.

Evernote says that upon identifying the root of the problem, it immediately worked on a solution in order to restore all the lost attachments. However, some attachments could not be recovered, but fear not, Evernote Premium users, as you can use Evernote's note history feature to recover missing attachments. That can either be a tall order or an easy one, depending on the number of notes to comb through.

As a consolation of sorts, Evernote is offering a year's worth of premium subscription to those affected by the bug, alongside giving affected users priority customer support. For those who are already enrolled in Evernote's premium subscription, they can use the code to extend their subscription for one year more, or to have it converted into Points for later use.

Version 6.9.1 of Evernote for Mac appears to have extinguished the bugs completely, so you might want to go ahead and update the app to prevent missing attachments. To do so, go to the "Help" tab and click "Check for updates."

While the snafu was not a highly disastrous one, it did cause detrimental inconvenience to users who might have stored important attachments in the app, like say, research for a PhD thesis, longstanding projects or even attachments for an important production. Whichever it might be, the bug deters the company further down the unpopularity spectrum.

The company has been struggling for a while now, pulling the plug recently on its own e-commerce site that sold lifestyle products. And it certainly doesn't help that in June, it implemented restrictions for free users and price hikes for premium users, to the dismay of many.

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