This month, rumors circulated around the web claiming Apple is reportedly developing its MacBook lineup with e-ink keyboards in mind.

According to reports, Apple is working with Australian design startup Sonder, which is set to release its own Bluetooth e-ink keyboard before 2016 closes. Named the "Sonder keyboard," it is a standard Bluetooth keyboard that is able to change the display of its keys. Think of it as a Kindle, but for individual keyboard keys.

Reports of Apple's plans with e-ink keyboards for MacBooks first broke on Reddit and an article from The Guardian.

App or software shortcuts are crucial for productivity in various professions, and the notion of an e-ink keyboard that can flawlessly integrate shortcuts without requiring cumbersome memorization might be a huge potential selling point for Apple, since many professionals both in the creative and entrepreneurial field use its products.

A Wall Street Journal report seems to confirm that Apple is indeed set to outfit its MacBook laptops with an e-ink keyboard. The e-ink keyboards on the new Macbooks will be able to display any alphabet alongside different commands and yes, emojis.

Wall Street Journal said that Apple will release the MacBooks on 2018, citing sources familiar with Apple's plans.

The reports also confirm that Apple is working with Sonder, since the latter company will provide the technology to be used behind the new keyboards. Additionally, Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, allegedly held a discussion with the heads of Sonder and Foxconn. The latter company is an important backer of Sonder.

However, Sonder has released its own statement regarding the rumors. It's saying that Apple did not meet with Sonder's founder Francisco Serra-Martins, but it expressed that it would "very much like the opportunity to do so in the future." A rather vague placeholder confirmation was also issued: "We are not able to comment further on information on any single company or customer."

The prospect of an e-ink keyboard in one of the most popular and widely used laptops in the world would certainly be an added leap in functionality. Users who are more affluent with a different language may configure the keyboard to reflect their own preferred alphabet. Gamers can take advantage of a laundry list of game-related shortcuts, commands and combinations. Graphic designers can integrate the adaptive keyboard to better suit their workflow and efficiency.

While the vast array of possibilities sound pleasant, keep in mind that there's still a chance that this might all be well within rumor and speculation territory. There's no guarantee that Apple will indeed ship the new MacBooks with e-ink keyboards, but if they do, at least it makes a lot of sense. Unlike the iPhone 7's lack of headphone jack, which to this day scratches heads.

Sonder's Bluetooth e-ink keyboard is available for preorder on its own site for $199.

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