Destiny players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should know that Festival of the Lost is coming back to their screens, next week. The joint announcement came from Bungie and Activision, which bundled up the release with many goodies.

Many of them will be Halloween-themed, so players will be able to use a Ghost wearing a ghost costume. Talk about being meta!

The upcoming patch will also bring more balance to the Silver Dust economy, via some welcome changes.

The Festival of the Lost 2016 will debut on Oct. 25 and will keep going for two weeks, coming to an end at the reset on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Bungie did not specify the hour when the event will begin, but it is likely that it will be at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, coinciding with the standard Tuesday reset.

Gamers who are fond of candy collection-themed quests in Destiny will see them in Festival of the Lost.

Some of the masks and items that first appeared in the first year of the event could make a comeback, but new rewards and quests are surely in tow. Quests in the Iron Temple social zone will be handed out by Lord Saladin and Tyra Karn, while players who hang out at The Tower will get theirs from Eva Levante.

Players who rank kills in Crucible multiplayer, as well as PVE will get candy used to complete quests.

For example, some quests ask that players are wearing a specific mask. A full bag of candy will grant you a Rare mask, which players can turn into a permanent Legendary mask. Should they choose to, gamers can break the mask into paper scraps, thus granting them more quests.

Bungie announced that every character will get a Legendary mask. This implies that gamers who have multiple Destiny Guardians will get up to three masks, right from the beginning.

The company knows that Silver Dust economy was a source of frustration for some players, who can embark in micro-transactions by using Radiant Treasures or dismantling Ornaments. It looks like Bungie really wants people to use Ornaments, as it recently confirmed that new decorations are in tow for its exotic weapons.

Manager Chris "Cozmo" Shannon says in a blog post that Silver Dust will no longer be needed to apply Ornaments from Iron Lord Armor, Wrath of the Machine and Trials. Despite this being only a part of the future modifications to Destiny's Silver Dust economy, it should make an impact on the whole gaming experience.

Bungie already announced that it will tweak the game, so changes and balances are expected in the shop, and beyond.

Check out the trailer video for the upcoming Festival of the Lost, below.

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