Trick-or-treating just got a whole lot more high-tech thanks to a new feature that recently launched on social platform Nexdoor.

Those looking to fill their candy bags with enough sugar to last them until the winter often just go up to bells the bells of every single house on each block in their neighborhood while parading in their costumes. But time can be wasted when waiting to see if someone will come to the door only to get no response.

Now the private social network Nextdoor is making it even easier to know exactly which doors to knock on with its new Treat Map.

Treat Map allows users to know exactly which houses will be giving out Halloween candy so they focus on these locations that feature homeowners who are in the holiday spirit. Bringing tech into trick-or-treating, witches, monsters, vampires, superheroes and the like can hit up these houses first to be able to cover more ground. Talk about having an efficient candy-collecting strategy in place.

Neighbors simply log in to their account or create an account for free, and visit their neighborhood map. They can then mark their home on the map with a candy corn that serves as an indicator that their will be someone handing out treats this year.

Those who are no stranger to Nextdoor know that Treat Map is launched every year in celebration of the spooky holiday. But for new users, using this feature will surely come in handy, especially for parents who want their kids to be back at home at a reasonable time.

And also making a comeback this year is the app's haunted house feature. Instead of marking their house with a candy corn, Nextdoor also lets users choose a haunted house to inform the neighborhood they have some scares up their sleeves at this residence.

Nextdoor recently revealed its list of top cities for trick-or-treating using data from its annual Treat Map feature. It found that Downers Grove, IL is the best place for getting candy on Halloween last year, followed by Edmond, OK; Midland, TX; Wake Forest, NC; and Parker, CO. Only time will tell which city will take the cake this year.

Nextdoor is available for the desktop, as well for for iOS and Android.

Check out the app’s Treat Map in action below.

Source: Nextdoor

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