Napflix Is The Streaming Service Meant To Bore Users To Sleep


All Netflix users have been in that situation where they tell themselves just one more episode before bed. But before they know it, the sun is rising, their eyes are bloodshot and their mind is blown regarding the season finale of the series they just binge-watched in one sitting.

What that being said, sometimes putting Netflix on while in bed isn't the best of ideas for subscribers looking to fall asleep at a reasonable time. Instead they should check out another streaming service that will bore viewers right to sleep in no time.

Called Napflix, this streaming service is ideal for those who need some light noise from their TV to keep them drift off without the content being interesting enough to actually be watched.

It's describes itself as a video platform "where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep."

Essentially the boring version of Netflix, Napflix features YouTube videos that are purposefully snoozers. These include titles like "Power Juicer Pro" where viewers can watch a juicer machine in action and "Zen Garden Sleep" that includes decreasing brightness.

Users can choose from categories that are the most boring to them such as "Education," "Religion" or "Advertising," or even get into the right mindset with the "Relax" category.

Chances are watching a traditional Latin mass to a rotisserie chicken cooking will have users dreaming in no time.

While the library isn't largely expansive, there are some videos that are over an hour long, with the ability to play all videos from a category. And nothing will have users nodding off more than learning about "Human Behavioral Biology" before bed.

Napflix serves as a way to help combat insomnia by using the most boring content created to help the mind unwind. The content chosen is deliberately not entertaining, exciting, or will want users to keep on watching. The videos like candles burning or just a shot of a fireplace is commonly known as content for slow TV.

Keep in mind that this "siesta video platform" is also ideal for helping users take a quick cat nap during the day.

The streaming service has similarities to Netflix including its logo, although instead its color is green. It even has its own original content like the title Subway, which will help people fall asleep while watching the train go from Canal St. to Coney Island in NYC.

The streaming service meant to bore people recently launched this month and is available for users for free.

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