New images of the 2016 MacBook Pro have been leaked by Apple itself ahead of the Oct. 27 event, where the company is expected to refresh several MacBook models. The photo confirms a secondary display, one of the chief rumors going around about Apple's new laptop.

The leak came alongside the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update released Monday, among hidden images that depict the Apple Pay feature, showing what is undoubtedly the next MacBook Pro.

First to notice the images was MacRumors, publishing the leaked images on its site. The new MacBook Pro does indeed replace the traditional function row with an OLED touchscreen display. The image depicts a user inputting a fingerprint in order to use Apple Pay, meaning that Touch ID is pretty much confirmed.

The rumors have reputable weight now, confirming what might be called the Magic Toolbar. The touch panel seems to be software adaptive, changing its function keys or showing notifications corresponding to the current app that's being used. In the photo, the display shows a Cancel button on the far left and the Apple Pay logo with instructions to place the fingerprint on the sensor beside it on the far right.

Apart from the Magic Toolbar, Apple has made the MacBook Pro more aesthetically similar to existing models of the MacBook, greatly evidenced by what appears to be Apple's thin butterfly keyboard found on the newer Retina MacBook base models. The image seems to depict the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 model, with speaker grills bookending the keyboard.

There's no way to determine the thickness of the MacBook Pro 2016 since the image looks at the device top-down. However, rumors do suggest that it will be thinner and lighter than the existing MacBook Pro model. The new hinge design seems to confirm this. Ports are also not seen in the photo, but as per rumors, the new MacBook will sport four USB-C ports and a headphone jack, with Apple stripping away the HDMI port, MagSafe port and SD card slot.

New MacBook models, including this leaked one, a refreshed MacBook Air and slightly updated iMacs and the Mac Mini are expected to take center stage on Apple's seemingly Mac-themed event on Thursday. Those of you who want in on the action can access the livestream directly from Apple's site.

The event is headlined with "Hello again," somewhat a nod to the original "Hello" tagline used in 1984 to unveil the original Macintosh. No pricing has made it out of the rumor mill yet, but since this is Apple, expect it to be premium.

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