Samsung has recently allowed Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners enrolled in its beta program to try out Android 7.0 Nougat before the official build rolls out, likely for users to pry the software for potential bugs, issues and the ilk. Once the beta trial concludes, the official Nougat build will then hit Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices before 2016 ends.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge models under Verizon. Big Red has now confirmed that the two smartphones will receive Nougat later, in early 2017.

Verizon Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Nougat Update Delayed

The news was announced via the Galaxy Beta app:

"Dear Customers, Verizon will stay on the original software for the remainder of this trial," the announcement reads. Beta trial users will then be upgraded to the official Nougat build rolling out next year.

The announcement ultimately translates to Verizon no longer endorsing the Beta Program on the aforementioned handsets. Unfortunately, Verizon customers won't be eligible for future beta releases of Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge moving forward, Android Authority explains.

For beta testers under Verizon, the course of action is either to leave the program and revert to Android 6.0 Marshmallow or simply remain in the current beta version of Nougat, according to SamMobile.

Participants who choose to remain seated in the phone's beta trial will get Nougat, Samsung said.

Samsung And Verizon's Strained Relationship

The reason behind Verizon's delay is unknown, but unsurprising. Samsung and Verizon haven't exactly seen eye to eye numerous times in the past.

Take the Galaxy S5 for instance, where Verizon customers were denied the Download Booster feature until an update added it back. Download Booster allowed the Galaxy devices to download files more than 30 MB in size faster through Wi-Fi and mobile data connection at the same time.

On the Galaxy Note 5, the Write on PDF feature initially wasn't made available. Finally, with the now-canceled Galaxy Note 7, the Samsung Cloud Storage feature was hidden and users needed to use an app shortcut to have it located within the software.

Owners of non-Verizon Galaxy S7 and S7 edge handsets need not worry about their planned Nougat update as long as they have an active Samsung account and have the Galaxy Beta Program app installed on their phone.

Verizon Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners, have you received the notification yet? Will you wait it out for Nougat or opt to downgrade to Marshmallow? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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