Details surrounding Apple's announcement for the next iPhone are still pretty nebulous, despite the onslaught of rumors churned out from the mill. A new report, however, supports ongoing ones that have to do with the device's potential display technology.

Reports say that a 5.8-inch iPhone, purportedly the one featuring an all-new design, will feature an AMOLED screen exclusively supplied by Samsung. The iPhone in question is Apple's next major iteration after the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, tentatively named the iPhone 8. The device is slated for a 2017 unveiling.

iPhone 8 With An AMOLED Screen

Digitimes, whose report also suggests that Apple will cap iPhone 8 manufacturing to 20 million units a month, cites Taiwanese supply chain manufacturers for the information. Besides the 5.8-inch model, there will also be a 4.7- and 5.5-inch variant, but these smaller variants will come with TFT-LCD panels, leaving the 5.8-inch model as the lone benefactor of Samsung's AMOLED display technology.

Digitimes' report of the smaller models lines up with what other publications have been reporting, slightly giving the rumor a bit more added weight. Apart from these three configurations, however, a 5-inch iPhone with a vertical dual-camera setup is also in the works, according to Japanese news outlet Mac Otakara.

iPhone 8 Production Schedule

Supply chain makers will begin work for the next iPhone this March, albeit in small volumes initially. Around May to June, the output will increase, though exact measures haven't been disclosed. These new iPhone models will be launched in 2017.

iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 8 is rumored to be a radical stepping-away from current-generation iPhone aesthetics, some reports have stated, featuring an all-glass design that paves the way for wireless charging, a first-time feature for the iPhone, if indeed slated.

Digitimes makes no mention of a curved OLED display for the next iPhone iteration, which is currently a resounding whisper among the litany of rumors. The design could also allow for an edge-to-edge display, as suggested by a patent the company has recently been granted.

A new 10-nanometer proprietary A11 chip that's faster and more power-efficient than its predecessor is also expected to power the new iPhones. TSMC is reportedly finished with the early design stages of the chip.

Also rumored to be onboard are advanced biometric features, such as facial recognition and iris scanning, though it's unclear what these could be used for.

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