Amazon Restocks Pokémon GO Plus Bracelet, Buy Yours Now


Pokémon lovers can heave a sigh of relief after hearing the news that the Pokémon GO Plus bracelet has been restocked by Amazon.

The Pokémon GO Plus bracelet was pretty hard to find since it was launched last September, however, things are about to change now as it is already in stock in Amazon and up for grabs for all the Pokémon lovers, albeit in limited quantities. 

The device which resembles a wrist watch or bracelet with a Poké Ball charm on it will cost you $49.88 ($44.90 + $4.98 shipping) or more if you buy it from Amazon. Originally, the accessory costs $34.99 and aids the Pokémon trainer to track the elusive Pokémon with ease.

Amazon also has the Japanese version of the Pokémon GO Plus available for $50. The free shipping option is also available for the customers if they fulfill certain conditions.

If you order the Japanese version of Pokémon GO Plus Bluetooth bracelet, the device will be shipped in two business days.

The Pokémon Catching Device

The Pokémon GO Plus Bracelet is a device that lets users catch Pokémon without the help of their smartphone while they are on the move. Users can wear it like a wrist watch or clip it on to their bag or outfit.

The device basically synchronizes to the user's smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and whenever there is a Pokémon in sight it will vibrate, as well as light up using LED.

Users need to press the Pokémon GO Plus button to search for PokéStop and elusive items like Poké Balls, Pokémon Eggs, and Berries, that get added to the inventory.

When the Pokémon is within the user's range, they have to press the button to throw a Poké Ball. The Pokémon GO Plus will alert users about their successful catch by flashing and vibrating.

Amazon Availability

It is still to be seen whether the demand and supply ratio stays in a balance or not. The number of units stocked by Amazon seller "Most Wanted" who offers the device for $49.88 is not mentioned.

Another seller WorldWide Distributors is retailing the accessory for $40.71 plus shipping. Subaru Select Japan is expected to stock the bracelet from Feb. 1 and has priced it at $49.99 and is also throwing in free shipping.

Insane Web Deals also lists the accessory for $52.25 and offers free shipping. Another seller JFJ will get the device in stock on Jan. 31 and will charge $52.29 and ship it for free.

Photo: Guillermo Fernandes | Flickr

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