Valentine's Day is over but a stunt by dating app Hater continues to fascinate the internet. The company projected an interesting image of Vladimir Putin caressing a pregnant Donald Trump onto buildings in New York.

The installation coordinated by the Tinder-style dating app was captioned with the "#LoveThroughHate" phrase. The image of the Russian leader cuddling and kissing the new U.S. president was spotted on the outside wall of Apple's retail store in Chelsea.

The same image was also projected onto two other buildings in New York City. The Putin-fondling-Trump image was also seen at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue just near a subway stop. Another one was seen in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.

What's With The Putin-Trump Image Stunt?

Hater did it for the laughs and of course to promote its dating app.

"There's a lot of tension out there, regardless of which side you're on. We're just trying to make people laugh. Through humor, hate can turn into love," Hater's founder and CEO Brendan Alper told Business Insider.

It's an odd way to promote a dating app on Valentine's Day but with the attention it's getting, one can only conclude that it worked.

"If only there was a male pregnant emoji one could use for such an occasion," said Maria Ayala on Twitter.

Another user linked the stunt to freedom of speech.

"With an administration like this one, if we didn't have freedom of speech, we could end up like Russia or North Korea," wrote a Twitter user from Los Angeles.

Someone on Reddit is willing to do everything so the ad will never be taken down.

"Never take it down please. I'll chip in on that electric bill," the Reddit user posted.

Some find the installation odd and offers alternative exhibitions that approach the current situation in more productive ways.

What's Hater Dating App?

Hater is the new dating app that aims to help users find love based on things people hate in common.

Questions determine things users love, dislike or hate and the magic of matching happens using these data. It is love in the time of Trump as questions about politics are included. Surprise no surprise, a promo material shows about 78 percent of Hater users hate Trump.

The new POTUS has been controversial so far and is definitely catching the attention of the world.

In the United States, there are allegations that the administration was in frequent contact with high-level members of the Russian intelligence. Then, there is the Muslim travel ban, and Bill Gates expressing his worries that Trump's America First policy might endanger global health.

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