Tiny Trump Memes Are Taking Reddit By Storm


President Donald Trump is again breaking the internet not because of another dramatic press conference, outrageous Twitter statement or a "photo" showing him with Vladimir Putin.

It began with a Reddit page that surfaced recently, titled Tiny Trumps, which is devoted to photoshopped images of the president, depicting him in various states of, well, smallness.

Shrinking Trump

Barely a day since the Reddit community was started, it has already amassed more than 22,000 subscribers and several posts. It included edited photos that show the creativity of netizens determined to cast the stormy and often frustrating first days of America's 45th president in a humorous light.

A number of these redditors took official photos of the president and proceeded on shrinking his cropped figure before dropping it in the middle of other or the same images, leading to hilarious outcomes.

One particularly memorable image was a photo of a miniature Trump having a meeting with Barack Obama. The former president reappeared in a different meme and, this time, he was shown fixing the tie of a sullen child-like Trump while a woman looks on.

Tiny Trump also had his spot on the world stage as shown in this photo with the visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Photos of the president at work have not been spared as well. For instance, there is the case of a mini Trump signing documents while his vice president and a coterie of White House staff looked on in their normal sizes. The Secret Service also had their moment when they were shown escorting Trump after disembarking from an airplane.

Tiny Hands Back Story

It is not yet clear if Trump has already seen any of the Tiny Trump images especially since it is also getting posted and shared on Twitter. Many observers, however, believe that the Tiny Trump memes will not sit well with the president. This is attributed to the way he is known for being overly concerned about his image.

One should remember, for instance, how Trump got so riled by Senator Marco Rubio's claim that he has small hands during the Republican presidential debate last year.

"Look at those hands. Are they small hands?" Trump asked the debate audience. "He referred to my hands, 'if they're small, something else must be small.' I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee."

Now, the small hands affair turned out to have a funny story. It is said to have started after Graydon Carter began referring to Trump in his articles for Spy magazine as a "short-fingered vulgarian."

Carter claimed that Trump has been sending him envelopes that contain photos of him even to this day. In all these images, Trump purportedly circled his hand just to highlight the size his fingers.

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