Forget about a normal selfie. 2017 might just be the year of the lumy.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a "lumy" is a photo or video that features an effect from the increasingly popular app Lumyer.

Lumyer is an augmented reality app that allows users to add fun effects to their photos or videos to bring them to life. These lumys can then be shared on different social platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

And it probably won't be long before everyone starts seeing animated selfies take over their social feeds.

Named one of the top trending apps on Google Play for 2016, Lumyer has risen up the app store charts with more than 12 million downloads since its launch, and users downloading more than 250 million effects in the last 10 months. The app has more than two million MAUs who have created more than four million lumys in January of this year alone.

It just might be time to liven up boring selfies.

"Based on our experience, people love to show an 'ideal' version of their life in their photos/videos. By adding effects and filters, people can appear as they would like," Luymer CEO Diego Mortillaro told Tech Times. "By adding real effects, users can transform a common picture/video into something unique that generates a 'wow' effect."

Lumyer is different from other photo apps out there because it's not about editing like Facetune 2 or adding a filter like Snapchat. Instead, it's about creating images that move and videos that have that extra sprinkle of magic.

While adding features like having the user's hair blow in the wind, fireworks exploding, or even an orca breaching may sound like a difficult thing to do for an average user, Lumyer makes these effects so easy to use.

The user has the option create a live lumy by tapping on the photo or video icon, or upload one from their camera roll by tapping on the gallery icon. Then comes the fun part.

Users can apply up to two animated effects, with the ability to customize them the way they want it to appear. For example, after selecting the "Face-Kiss" effect, the user can drag the lips to the lips on their photo, adjusting the size and angle and opacity (for iOS).

Once one effect is added, the user taps on "Fx2" on the top menu bar to add the second if they wish, with the option to delete and change the effect.

For iOS users, there is the option to also add text and select a filter.

All of this is done with just a few taps without having to navigate anywhere else in the app. This means anyone can master animating their photos.

Of course this does mean there is some sophisticated tech hard at work behind the scenes.

"Lumyer brings AR to everybody's mobile phone," Mortillaro said. "Lumyer is a patent-pending technology that uses a proprietary algorithm that merges photos/videos that are taken by users with video effects in a few seconds. The final result (we call it a Lumy) is saved as a video. Lumyer technology works on photos, videos and live streams."

After the lumy is created, the user has the option of sharing their animated photo to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or save it as a video on their phone. For iOS users, there is the option of saving it as a Live Photo.

Users should be aware that to add effects to their library they must download them by tapping on the Fx folder located on the bottom menu.

Although many effects are free, others are available for $0.99. Lumyer makes it easy to find effects by offering a "New" category, as well as grouping some together in "Packs."

Mortillaro revealed that effects are released on a weekly basis and are typically related to major events such as holidays, big sporting events, or based on general themes like a particular seasons or selfies.

It's easy for things to get a bit out of control, with selfies looking a bit crazy depending on the feature. However, there are many different effects that add the perfect touch. These include having moving clouds in a landscape photo, or fireworks going off in the background of a couple shot.

Some effects are subtle like the "Glean-Shiny" pack that adds a bit of sparkle and twinkle—perfect for a fashion shot—or a the "Fire-Camp" that features a roaring fire with crackling sound effect to be added to that bonfire shot with friends.

Then there are the more creative effects like adding a ghost to the photo, or having it rain dollar bills.

This makes Lumyer perfect for those looking to express their creativity on their social networks using their every day photos and videos in a way they haven't before.

With the popularity of filters and augmented reality, it's only a matter time before users see the selfie evolve. Lumyer might just be the stepping stone.

"I believe that in the future we will have two major trends. First, we will see an integration within mobile phone cameras of 'beauty features.' As a consequence, apps like Facetune 2 will have to compete with mobile phone camera software," Mortillaro said. "On the other side, we will see people looking for sophisticated AR effects that are able to transform their photo/video into something unique and made to last. Disposable face stickers are already a commodity and won't last for long."

Now is the perfect time to start animating your photos.

Lumyer is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.

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