Request Accepted? Facebook Finally Tests Dislike Button On Messenger


Long was the wait and it looks like the time is coming closer ... for a dislike button on Facebook. After years of asking Facebook to add a dislike button to the newsfeed options, it looks like it is finally starting to cave in. However, the button might just be for the messenger, for now.

Messenger Reactions

Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is indeed doing a test on messenger that involves reactions very similar to the newsfeed with the addition of the dislike button. The company sees it, though, as more of a 'no' button than a 'dislike' button.

The testing is small, so not everyone will have access to the feature before the company makes it official for all users. The premise, however, is simple (and fun). To do so, one must simply hover over the selected message and select the reaction he or she wishes to convey.

The idea is that through these reactions, planning and logistics among friends would be made much easier in messenger especially in group chats when one can easily get lost in a sea of messages. The feature also allows anyone to see which person reacted to a particular message.

"We're always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message," said Facebook to TechCrunch.

Facebook Request

Many people have requested a "dislike" button to express their feelings towards posts that are negative, distasteful, or simply some that they disagree on. Facebook did not oblige, and still hasn't, but it did give users the option to react on newsfeed posts via emoticons that convey love, amusement, surprise, anger, or sadness added to the original like button. Facebook users have since shared over 300 billion reactions in the year since the launch.

The five reaction options, however, still did not include the requested button with the company stating that the dislike button might add negativity to the site. That's understandable, given Facebook's original purpose of connecting with friends and meeting new ones, plus there is the possibility of people abusing the button.

Whether we are closer to the "dislike" or "no" button for Facebook newsfeed posts is unclear, but this move, along with the recent suicide prevention movement by the company shows that it is indeed listening to its users and is continuous in its efforts to improve and add to the Facebook and Messenger experience.

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