Microsoft Surface Book 2 May Not Launch This Spring

Microsoft fans are in for disappointing news. It is rumored that the company has scrapped the launch of the next-gen Surface Book 2, which was allegedly slated for spring.

Microsoft is reportedly not ready with the Surface Book 2, which has led to the device's launch getting postponed.

What Is Microsoft Planning?

Although there isn't much information available on the rumored launch, reports reveal that Microsoft is going to hold a hardware event this spring.

However, the possibility of the Surface Book 2 debuting at the proposed event is zilch. This is because the laptop is not yet ready for release.

Surface Book 2: The Rumors

As Tech Times reported earlier, the Surface Book 2 is expected to ditch the 2-in-1 design and adopt a clamshell design. This change is reportedly on the cards because of the device's similarity with the Surface Pro. The chassis of the Surface Book's successor is reportedly made out of an aluminum-magnesium alloy.

It is also rumored to sport a 13.5-inch 4K screen. The Microsoft laptop will likely house Intel's Kaby Lake processor.

The Surface Book 2 is expected to be priced around the $1,000 mark. This will make the device comparatively cheaper to the current-gen Surface Book, which is listed for $1,499 on the company's online store.

Microsoft Spring Event: What Else Can Be Expected?

Speculations about the purpose of Microsoft's alleged spring hardware event are swirling online. If the Surface Book 2 will not debut at the supposed event, it is assumed that Microsoft has other plans up its sleeve — apart from the Windows 10 Creators update.

The Surface Pro 5 is also rumored to launch in spring and, therefore, Microsoft may pleasantly surprise fans by debuting the much-awaited tablet at the said event.

In addition to the Surface Pro 5, Microsoft is rumored to be working on a traditional Windows 10 laptop that does not have a detachable keyboard or touchscreen. This device is rumored to have been designed along the lines of the Surface Book. Microsoft is reportedly looking to provide consumers with a cheaper laptop option without compromising the specs.

For those wondering if the spring event could mark the arrival of the Surface Phone, it seems unlikely. Rumors and leaks have suggested that the Surface Phone's release has been pushed to late 2017 or 2018. Tech enthusiasts will also have to contend with the fact that no second-gen HoloLens will be debuting at the event because the device is expected to release in 2019.

For now, one can only wait and see what surprises the company has in store at its alleged Microsoft Spring 2017 hardware launch event.

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